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It can be horrifying if your sumptuous white silk or sheepskin rug has just become the owner of a red wine stain or a streak of mud from the dog's paws. Before panic sets in and you attempt to remove the stains, possibly making the situation worse, give our rug cleaning Eltham experts a call.

At Carpet Bright UK, we're specialists in sprucing up a wide variety of rugs, so nothing fazes us when it comes to getting stains out of treasured rugs. Obviously, the sooner you act, the better, so stains don't become permanent, but even with our tough cleaning regime, we can kick stubborn stains into touch.

We'll give your rug a thorough once over before our certified technicians work their magic. We take this stage very seriously, as making sure we are using the right cleaning products for the right style or type of rug is crucial. We'll also make sure that the colours in your rug won't run when we clean it, by performing dye and pH testing.

As well as getting rid of those nuisance red wine stains, mud streaks from pets or mucky prints left by youngsters, our innovative, five-stage cleaning procedure will banish dust, dry soil and embedded pollutants that may have worked their way into your rug over time. If dust mites are a problem, we will also give them the heave-ho.

Our experienced rug cleaners in Eltham understand that our customers lead very busy lives, and may not have the time or opportunity to get their rug to us. Don't let this put you off getting it cleaned, however, as we offer a collection and delivery service which you don't need to pay for. If it is more convenient to get your rug cleaned at home, or at your workplace, our friendly, discreet and professional rug cleaning staff will happily oblige.

Whatever type of rug you own, you can enjoy complete confidence in our services. We are fully insured and have served more than 9,000 customers needing a clean rug. What's more, having been voted as the top place to get your rug cleaned in the region, this is a true testament to the high quality yet affordable services we provide to every single customer. Take a look at our customer reviews and see for yourself!

For professional rug cleaning, Eltham residents should get in touch with Carpet Bright UK today.

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