How does Carpet Bright UK get carpets super clean?

Are you one of the many thousands of customers who’ve used Carpet Bright UK before and been bowled over by just how clean we get your carpets? Or maybe you’ve heard about our super cleaning results through the grapevine or read our outstanding reviews? However you’ve heard about our award-winning carpet cleaning company, it’s certainly true: we do get carpets super clean! Here are a few secrets to our success.

1. We clean every carpet individually

It’s really important to understand that you can’t use the same cleaning methods and treatments for every single carpet. Different fabrics and textures demand their own way of cleaning, which can vary significantly from one carpet to the next.

Understanding this key aspect is critical to our cleaning success and outcomes, so we always clean each carpet individually. In fact, the pre-cleaning process, which involves us getting to know each carpet better, is just as important to us as the actual cleaning procedure itself. We inspect a carpet thoroughly, seeing what materials it’s made from, and we also test its dyes to make sure carpet colours don’t run during the cleaning process.

By customising and adapting our cleaning to suit each carpet, and its overall condition, we can achieve the best results possible.

2. We use a multi-stage cleaning method

Do your carpets still look a bit grubby and dull even after you’ve vacuumed them? That’s because a vacuum cleaner only removes some of the surface dust and debris in your carpet. There’s a lot more dirt lurking inside fabrics that your vacuum cleaner isn’t equipped, or powerful enough, to access.

In fact, if you want to get your carpets really clean, it normally involves using much more than just a vacuum cleaner to achieve this. Carpets usually need deep cleaning with a specialist machine, and the use of different products such as stain removers or deodorisers, or micro-bacterial removal treatments, etc.

To ensure the maximum amount of carpet dirt is captured during the cleaning process, we utilise a multi-stage cleaning method that uses a range of cleaning technology and products. This allows us to tackle all the different types of dirt in your carpets, from stains to odours, dust mites, germs, mould spores, bacteria, water marks, flea infestations, pet soiling and more. This ensures we can deliver super clean results for your carpets, even if they were very dirty at the start.

3. We invest in the best machines

At Carpet Bright UK, we’ve been cleaning carpets since as far back as 1995, so it’s fair to say we know all about the different cleaning machines and products that are available for us to use. One thing that we’ve learnt over the years is that you can’t always expect the same results from using two different types of cleaning machines or cleaning methods, so we always choose carefully when deciding which equipment to clean with.

As you’ll see from the excellent reviews we consistently receive, customers are really happy with the results we achieve for their carpets, and that’s because we always invest in the most effective, safe cleaning equipment on the market.

With modern, state-of-the-art machines and tried-and-trusted products, we can achieve super clean results, time after time. For example, we own industrial strength, powerful HEPA rated vacuum cleaners and high-pressure steam cleaners that are renowned for picking up very high levels of dirt from carpets. Our steam cleaners, in particular, are five times more powerful than traditional cleaning machines, which makes the process of cleaning your carpets easier, faster and much more effective.

Our high-pressure, advanced cleaning systems are capable of extracting around 98% of dirt from carpets. This is pretty significant when you consider that some machines only remove about 40% of the debris in carpets. Our cleaning is also natural, eco-friendly, free of strong, toxic chemicals and is harmless to kids and pets.

By removing deep-seated and ingrained dirt and particles from your carpets, we can help to maintain their original, clean and fresh condition. What’s more, because we also remove the source of any carpet odours, rather than just masking odours with a short-lasting fragrance, we restore long-term, natural freshness to your carpets.

4. We don’t leave residues behind

Have you ever had your carpets cleaned and then noticed that they got dirty again really quickly? One of the common reasons for this occurring is down to cleaning residues. If any residues remain in a carpet after it has been cleaned, these sticky particles can attract dirt and debris, causing a carpet to quickly resoil. Improper cleaning methods, low-quality products and poorly trained staff can all result in residues being left in your carpets, ensuring they won’t stay clean for long.

You won’t experience this with Carpet Bright UK, however. We use residue-free cleaning solutions and effective technology that extracts cleaning residues from your carpets, so the super clean results we create will be reassuringly long-lasting.

5. We employ hardworking professionals

In order to get your carpets super clean, using the best cleaning tools and products is only half the story. Who cleans your carpets also matters. At Carpet Bright UK, we carefully recruit the technicians who work for us, making sure they’re fully vetted, skilled and are given the highest levels of industry training. Employing the best cleaning technicians means our extensive skills and expertise can be put to good use to provide the most reliable results when cleaning your carpets.

6. We inspect your carpets after we’ve cleaned them

One of the added benefits of us using modern, sophisticated cleaning technology is that we can clean and dry your carpets with impressive precision and speed. Yet, we never rush a job just to move onto the next one as fast as possible. We have high standards to maintain so we always pay fastidious attention to detail when cleaning, and go the extra mile to make sure carpets are restored to their optimum best condition.

We fully inspect a carpet after we’ve cleaned it to make sure we’ve not missed any speck of dirt, so we’ll never sign a job off until we’re happy your carpets are super clean.

If you hanker after super clean carpets, why not give the experts at Carpet Bright UK a call, and get a carpet cleaning quote from one of our helpful customer care team members?