Tidy your room!

Housework can seem never-ending – and as every parent knows, children make a lot of mess. But keeping the house clean 


and tidy should be everybody’s responsibility. Here are some hints and tips from Carpet Bright UK for families who want to get their kids involved in taking care of the family home.


The earlier we start to teach children to clean up after themselves, the less likely things are to get really bad later. A good place to start is taking responsibility for their own room.


If you have teenagers you’ll already know that getting them to emerge from the bedroom can seem a challenge in itself.  But however horrifying a state it’s in, shouting ‘Tidy your room!’ isn’t the best approach: you and your teenager may have very different ideas about what a tidy bedroom actually looks like. So agree before you start that ‘tidy’ means, for example:

  • a bed that’s been made
  • no games (or for younger children, no toys)  on the floor
  • dirty clothes in the laundry basket not all over the furniture
  • no used cups and plates lying around
  • an empty rubbish bin.


Divide cleaning into small, specific tasks. This is particularly important for young children. Big, vague jobs leave them not knowing where to start.


Set a time limit: many children and teenagers enjoy seeing their room clean and tidy again (even if they complained to start with) and knowing that 10 minutes of effort will create a good outcome will encourage them.


Make sure your kids have got what they need: there’s no point shouting about toys and games on the floor if there are no storage boxes or shelves to store them. Encourage children to keep things they use often in an easily accessible place.


Make a cleaning-and-tidying routine then stick to it: try five minutes each day to keep things under control, then a big weekly sort-out using the vacuum cleaner.


Barking orders isn’t the most effective way to get children to co-operate.  Rather than going all sergeant-major, state what you’d like them to do calmly and positively. Start with ‘I want’ or ‘I would like’. ‘I want you to take your dirty plate into the kitchen, make your bed and empty the bin now’ is clear without being confrontational.


When they’ve done as they’ve been asked, appreciate them. Note: praise teenagers cautiously as you’ll probably get a sarcastic reaction. But underneath, they want approval too:  a quick ‘good job’ or even just ‘thank you’ will have a motivating effect even if they don’t show it.


Know your rights! Their bedroom is their personal space but it’s still in your house. If it’s in a state that really offends you, or is a source of unpleasant smells (!), then you are entitled to do something about it. If they tell you they like it the way it is, say calmly: ‘But I don’t, and this is my home. I want us to agree on a cleaning routine that keeps it in a decent state’.


A professional Carpet Bright UK technician has the skills and know-how to deep-clean your carpets and upholstery, making your home bright and fresh once more. Regular cleans also extend the life of your valuable investments, and keep your home healthy and hygienic for the whole family.


When you’ve made your booking, give children and young people warning that a clean will be taking place: this gives them a chance to put things away and prepare their bedroom if someone they don’t know will be around the house.


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