10 reasons why you should clean your carpets

Walk into any home or business, and chances are you’ll come across a carpet somewhere on the premises. Perfect for adding style, warmth and aesthetic interest, it’s easy to see why carpets are such a popular flooring option.

However, one of the key considerations for carpet owners is keeping on top of a carpet’s cleaning. Carpets can easily become dirty, so devoting time and attention to looking after them is essential. Here are 10 reasons why you should clean your carpets.

1. To create a positive impression

First impressions count, so it’s crucial that whoever walks through your door is welcomed by a clean and tidy environment. Since a carpet covers the entire floor area, it’s usually one of the first things you’ll see when you step inside a building. Therefore, how a carpet looks can make or break that vital first impression.

If you’re a business owner, impressing customers, clients and colleagues could impact your reputation, brand and even influence sales. If you’re looking to sell your house or rent out a property, clean carpets could increase a property’s value and make it more appealing to new buyers or tenants.

Getting your carpets cleaned on a regular basis ensures you can impress others at all times. In particular, entrance areas can receive a lot of footfall, so carpets in these spots can look grimy quickly. Keeping on top of cleaning in these areas is especially important.

2. To maintain a new carpet warranty

Recently bought a new carpet? If it comes with a warranty, make sure you read the small print covering the terms and conditions. In most cases, the conditions of the warranty state that you’ll need to get your new carpet professionally cleaned, to make sure the warranty remains valid. How often this needs to occur varies from one manufacturer to another, but, typically, cleaning will be required around every 12-18 months.

Make sure you keep your receipts or invoices and itemise the cleaning in a record or log book that you may have been given with the new carpet.

3. Remove stains properly and correctly

Almost all carpets become the victim of accidental scuffs, spots, spills and stains at some point during their lifetime – some more so than others! The way that a carpet is made, and the materials it is made from, can make it difficult to remove these; you can’t just simply wipe them away as you would with hard flooring.

There are lots of stain removal products in shops that claim to make carpet marks disappear, but, in reality, results can vary. Some products leave sticky, soapy residues in a carpet that create ideal conditions for attracting further dirt, while others may cause a stain to set deeper into a carpet.

Because of this uncertainty, and the complexity of understanding how to remove different types of stains from different types of carpet fabrics, it’s preferable to seek a professional company to do all of the hard work for you. Some carpet cleaners have a better reputation than others for stain removal success, so check out a business’s reviews first. At our carpet cleaning London company, for instance, we’ve gained over 20,000 five star customer reviews and boast an excellent track record for removing a wide variety of carpet stains. We also use high-quality stain removers that won’t leave sticky residues behind.

4. Prevent uneven colour patches

Some areas of a carpet are bound to get more use than others, such as entrances or the direct route from one part of a room to the next. Dirty footwear can cause these areas to become unclean much faster than other parts of a carpet. This could result in unsightly tracking marks which may create uneven colour patches in a carpet.

Getting your carpets deep cleaned all-over can help to prevent this from happening, ensuring a carpet has an even colour distribution throughout.

5. To remove persistent odours

Carpet cleaning is much more than just removing visible dirt to enhance a carpet’s appearance. It’s also about making sure your carpets smell clean and fresh, and aren’t a source of embarrassing odours.

Carpets can smell stale or musty for all sorts of reasons. Old dirt or improperly removed stains can make a carpet smell, while a smoky atmosphere, damp or poor ventilation can all contribute to a foul-smelling carpet. The dense weave of a carpet makes it the perfect environment to trap odours, which your vacuum cleaner won’t be able to remove.

Cheap, shop-bought carpet deodorisers aren’t as effective as using a professional carpet cleaner. That’s because these inferior products often just mask the carpet odours with a strong fragrance. Once the aroma wears off, the old carpet stench will return. Instead, a professional carpet cleaning company uses high-tech cleaning solutions and powerful deodorisers that stamp out the actual source of the smell, rather than simply masking it, so your carpets smell cleaner and fresher for much longer.

6. Tackle pet soiling

If you want to have both carpets and pets, there’s a compromise you’ll need to make: getting your carpets cleaned regularly. Pets can cause a carpet to become unclean and unhygienic in a number of different ways. As well as shedding hairs, pets can deposit dander, bacteria, fleas and other bugs in a carpet. They can leave mud and damp from their paws, pet urine and traces of faeces.

Pet soiling can make a carpet unclean and unhygienic, which may even have negative consequences for your health. If children play on your carpets, you wouldn’t wish for them to be knowingly exposed to any unclean substances that they might touch and put near their mouths, so that’s why carpet cleaning should be a priority for all pet owners.

7. To protect your health

Tiny, unseen organisms can live in a carpet, even if it looks clean to the naked eye. Bacteria, germs, dust mites, viruses, mould, fungal spores and other particles can all become trapped in dense carpet fabrics, providing the ideal breeding ground for these to breed and multiply. These allergens and health irritants can make you feel unwell, and can trigger symptoms for sufferers of asthma, eczema or hay fever.

To protect the health of you and your family, getting your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis is vital to remove all health-harming, carpet-dwelling organisms.

8. Improve air quality

When carpets trap dust, germs, allergens and other particles, they don’t just impact your health; they can also lower the surrounding air quality. That’s because when carpets are walked on, these tiny particles are disturbed and released into the atmosphere, making your air space unhealthy.

Removing these substances from a carpet through professional cleaning, therefore, helps to improve the air quality in your environment, while safeguarding your health.

9. Provide a complete clean

There’s no doubt that regularly vacuuming a carpet can help it to look clean, but this is just part of the solution to owning spotlessly clean carpets. A vacuum cleaner only removes some of the dirt in a carpet, typically that which sits at the carpet surface. It can’t deep clean a carpet all-over, which means that every time you run a hoover over a carpet, you’ll be leaving some dirt behind.

Using a professional carpet cleaning company that owns industrial strength deep cleaning machines can solve this problem. High-performance machines and special cleaning agents can retrieve the ingrained dirt that household vacuum cleaners can’t access, ensuring a carpet receives a rigorous, top-to-bottom deep clean.

10. Protect carpets and increase their lifespan

Without professional cleaning, ingrained dirt will be allowed to fester deep in a carpet, getting trodden further into the pile. In the end, this may cause damage to delicate carpet fabrics. A carpet might become threadbare, for instance, or suffer discoloration or matting. When this damage occurs, you might need to think about getting your carpets replaced – which can be time-consuming and expensive.

Fortunately, professional cleaning can help to protect your carpets and preserve their longevity, while saving you money in the long-run by not needing to get your carpets replaced sooner than you’d anticipated.

Getting your carpets cleaned at our carpet cleaning London business is easy, convenient and affordable, so get in touch for a free quote today.