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Gutter Cleaning

The gutters on your property have a really important role to play, removing water off your roof and away from the building down to the drains below. When gutters become blocked with fallen leaves, moss, twigs, silt and bird and insect nests, rainwater has nowhere to go. This could end up causing all sorts of costly problems, including damp, mould and damage to your gutters.

At Carpet Bright UK, we can prevent this from happening. We provide a professional gutter cleaning service for local domestic and commercial customers. Our team of skilled and experienced gutter cleaning experts can safely, quickly and efficiently remove the blockages in your gutters, keeping them clean and cleared, so rainwater can freely move through the pipework. We are certified and adhere to all relevant health and safety regulations, and our fully vetted staff are honest, reliable and provide a careful, respectful gutter cleaning service.

Modern and safe cleaning

At our fully insured gutter cleaning business, we use the latest methods and equipment for cleaning your gutters. With no ladders, cherry pickers or scaffolding needed, our ground-based cleaning system allows our technicians to work safely and efficiently, with minimal disruption to you, or the use of your property.

We operate a water-fed, telescopic cleaning pole that’s attached to a 3,000-watt wet vacuum machine. The pole is capable of reaching up to 12 metres in height, which means that our professional team can access gutters on buildings that are up to around four storeys high.

The carbon fibre pole has a specially designed head that is angled to fit perfectly into the tight spaces and corners of your gutters. The vacuum machine attached to the pole uses a powerful suction system to flush out the vegetation and compacted dirt from your gutters, as well as your downpipes.

With our flexible yet sturdy, lightweight pole, our skilled gutter cleaning technicians can safely reach into gutters that would otherwise be difficult using ladders alone, such as above extensions and conservatories, or along narrow entries.

Conservatory roof cleaning

In addition to cleaning your gutters, we can remove the dirt, debris and moss that may have collected on the roof of your conservatory. This can vastly enhance the appearance of your conservatory, whilst allowing the maximum amount of light to flood into the room below.

Mess-free cleaning

You can expect a clean and tidy service from our award-winning gutter cleaning specialists. The high-performance cleaning machine we use collects and contains the dirt from your gutters, so you don’t need to worry about any mess left behind at your property, or on your gutters, fascia boards or windows.

See our great results for yourself

We provide a really high-quality gutter cleaning service that earns us five star reviews and glowing praise from our customers – and you can even see the results of our cleaning for yourself, without taking a foot off the ground.

We attach a small, wireless camera to the top of the pole which allows us to capture images of your gutters, before and after we’ve cleaned them. By providing these images to our customers free of charge, you’ll be able to see just how impressive our results are.

Affordable gutter cleaning

Carpet Bright UK offers customers great value for money when their gutters need cleaning. Traditional gutter cleaning using ladders requires two technicians for health and safety reasons, but because we operate at ground-level only, this doesn’t apply. By only needing one of our talented team members to clean your gutters, our reduced labour costs means we can offer our customers lower prices.

Whether your gutters are due for some maintenance cleaning or you’ve noticed they’ve started to overflow, our friendly experts at Carpet Bright UK are ready to assist.

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