5 Reasons Why Vacuuming Isn’t Enough

Carpets and rugs are essential to keep any property attractive, stylish and warm. Vacuuming is a vital part of maintaining the good condition of a carpet or a rug, but it’s only part of the story.

No matter what brand of vacuum cleaner you own, or how much you paid for it, your carpets and rugs will need more than just a weekly or even daily vacuum to keep them in ship shape order. Regular deep cleaning from professionals is also crucial to give carpets and rugs that extra bit of cleaning they need, which vacuuming alone can’t provide.

Here are five key reasons why vacuuming simply isn’t enough for your carpets or your rugs.

1.  It will leave some dirt behind

Household vacuum cleaners are only equipped to remove the surface dirt and debris from a carpet or rug, which means that a lot of the deep-seated particles and grime that repeatedly get trodden into the carpet or rug over time will end up getting left behind. Even if a carpet or rug seemingly looks clean after a vacuum, unfortunately there’ll be a lot of dirt and small particles still lingering deep inside fibres. This is especially the case if you have a thick or plush carpet or rug.

As this ingrained dirt inside a carpet or rug builds up, it can be damaging to fabrics – and this damage is often irreversible. With most rugs and carpets costing a lot of money, the last thing you’ll want is for any damage to occur to your investment.

Getting your carpets or rugs professionally cleaned a couple of times per year can capture all of the dirt and debris left behind by your vacuum cleaner. This can give you complete confidence that your carpets and rugs have been provided with a full deep clean, working from the surface to the fabric underlay or backing.

Professional services, such as our rug cleaning in London, can provide a much more in-depth clean than a standard vacuum cleaner, as we use industrial strength cleaning technology which is much more powerful than domestic cleaning machines. We use advanced systems that work in a much more effective way to clean your rugs and carpets, so that no invisible dirt is left behind.

2. It can’t get rid of stains or odours

The average carpet or rug is likely to acquire the odd stain or two at some point during its lifespan. No matter how many times you get the vacuum cleaner out on the stain, you’re never going to get rid of it this way. Even if you use shop-bought stain removal products, a vacuum cleaner won’t be enough to fully remove all residues from the stain and the removal solutions.

Poorly or inadequately removed stains can go on to cause odours in your carpets or rugs – and you guessed it, not even the swankiest brand of domestic vacuum cleaner can remove unwanted smells.

Stains and bad odours in your carpets or rugs not only make them look grubby and unappealing, but if you welcome visitors to your home or you run a business, carpets and rugs in a smelly and marked condition could put people off from stepping inside your door. This isn’t good news if you rely on customer footfall or you’re trying to enhance your brand reputation and image.

Therefore, next time your carpets or rugs suffer from spills, stains or nasty odours, call a professional rug or carpet cleaner instead of getting the vacuum cleaner out.

At our professional carpet and rug cleaning in London, for example, we use commercial grade stain removers and deodorisers which are highly effective at tackling different stains and smells, while fully removing all stain and odour particles and residues, so nothing remains.

3. It isn’t effective at removing mould

You might be shocked to discover that the average carpet or rug can be home to mould, mildew and fungal spores. These can proliferate in rooms that are humid or damp, or where a carpet or rug has been left wet for a while. Even the simple act of wetting a carpet or rug to remove a stain can encourage mould or mildew to form, if it isn’t dried quickly or fully.

Vacuuming a carpet can pick up a few of these spores, but not all of them. The problem is, mould, mildew and fungal spores tend to cluster at the bottom of a rug or carpet pile, under or around the underlay and backing, so you won’t always know they’re there. As we’ve mentioned previously, vacuuming only removes surface dirt, so any organisms, spores and particles festering around the backing or underlay won’t get picked up when you hoover.

It’s not just mould, mildew and fungal spores that are a problem that won’t be fully removed during the vacuuming process. Things like germs, bacteria, dust mites, fleas, viruses, etc can also easily become trapped inside rugs and carpets, left untouched each time you get the vacuum cleaner out.

Many of these organisms can be bad news for the good condition of your carpets and rugs, but they can also be harmful to your health, and may lower the quality of the air inside your property. That’s why you need to go one step further to eradicate them through regular professional cleaning.

Professional cleaners like us use high-pressure heat and steam cleaning systems that sanitise carpets and rugs fully, killing off all organisms whichever part of your carpets and rugs they’re living in. Furthermore, a professional carpet and rug cleaning technician will be able to diagnose the extent of any mould, mildew or fungal issues in your carpets and rugs, and as well as providing the required cleaning solutions, will offer advice to prevent reoccurrence.

4.  It won’t increase longevity

The average rug or carpet can last up to 15 years, so if you want to make sure yours reach this milestone, you’ll have to do a lot more than just vacuum them. The only way to ensure your carpets and rugs stay in good condition for as long as possible is to get them professionally cleaned every six months or so.

With vacuum cleaners only removing some of the debris in a carpet, all of those bits that end up getting left behind can be really harmful to delicate carpet strands. Ingrained dry soil, dust and particles can be abrasive and rough, tearing fabrics over time. This can cause carpet or rug matting, and may even result in bald patches where fabrics degrade or wear away. Thus, it’s essential to prevent this process from happening by protecting your carpets and rugs from dirt-related damage through regular professional cleaning.

5. It won’t uphold a warranty

It’s also really important to know that if you’ve recently bought a new carpet or a new rug, and it comes with a warranty, you might find that you’ll need to get these items professionally cleaned every so often to make sure a guarantee remains valid. Check the terms and conditions you received when purchasing the carpet or rug.

Therefore, if you want to uphold the warranty, vacuuming a carpet or rug simply won’t be enough if anything goes wrong. Make sure you get proof of any professional cleaning you receive for your rugs or carpets during the warranty period. And once the warranty period has expired, keep up with the professional cleaning to help maintain a carpet or rug’s original, clean and fresh condition.

For further information and advice on how to keep your carpets and rugs looking box-fresh, clean and beautiful, check out our other blog articles.

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