Benefits of regular carpet cleaning

As well as vacuuming your carpets frequently, they should be cleaned regularly by professionals, if you want them to stay in good condition. Here are the many benefits associated with regular carpet cleaning.

1. Good for your health

The dense weave that makes up a carpet creates the perfect environment for trapping air pollutants such as dust, viruses and mould spores. Additionally, substances such as dirt, bacteria and germs can be tracked inside on footwear, getting trodden down into a carpet. Vacuuming alone won’t remove all of these particles from a carpet, as they sink deeper into the pile, so the only way to tackle them is through regular deep cleaning from the professionals, who use high-powered equipment that’s able to effectively remove them.

It’s essential that these microscopic substances aren’t left to breed and multiply in a carpet as they can cause harm to your health, triggering uncomfortable allergy-type symptoms, such as sneezing, itchy skin or wheezing.

Plus, dirt and particles in a carpet can be released back into the atmosphere when carpets are walked on, which can lower the air quality of your space, further contributing to an unhealthy environment.

If babies and children like to crawl or sit and play on a carpet, the last thing you’ll want is for your little ones to be exposed to any bugs and bacteria in a carpet, or traces of pet faeces or urine, that might be detrimental to their health, particularly if they pick something up off a carpet and then put it in their mouth.

Therefore, if you value your health, and those who use your space, make sure your carpets are professionally cleaned at least a couple of times per year.

2. Prolong a carpet’s life

When you’ve spent a lot on a new carpet, you’ll, inevitably, want to get your money’s worth out of it. Yet, retaining that like-new appearance in a carpet can be tricky if it’s repeatedly being used and walked on, or things are spilled or dropped onto it.

Over time, a carpet that once looked fresh, bright and spanking new will soon begin to look dull, faded and lifeless, as ingrained daily wear and tear kicks in. This could even eventually lead to damage to carpet fibres, including the formation of matting or threadbare patches.

Thus, if you want to avoid this scenario from happening, you should seek expert carpet cleaning assistance. Professionals use deep cleaning machines to remove the layers of grime that remain untouched by a vacuum cleaner, so that a carpet looks clean and fresh, and can retain its like-new condition for as long as possible. With regular professional cleaning that protects and preserves a carpet, this could even extend its life, so you get to enjoy its presence long into the future.

3. Tackles stains

Carpets are prone to having things spilled on them like drinks, food dropped on them, or mud walked in on them, for instance. These can create unsightly stains in carpets that can often be tricky to remove. In fact, trying to remove them yourself might worsen the stain, if you use the wrong cleaning solutions, setting the blemish deeper into the carpet pile. Some shop-bought cleaning solutions also leave sticky residues behind in carpets, which are a magnet for attracting dirt, encouraging rapid resoiling to occur.

With regular cleaning from the professionals, however, carpets can remain looking spotless. Stains can be removed with skill and efficiency by expert cleaning technicians who know just how to remove specific types of marks, using highly dependable, residue-free solutions.

4. Contributes to a more appealing environment

Since a carpet covers a large surface area in a room, it has a big impact on the look and feel of a space. No matter how stylish the decor is in a room or how trendy the furniture and furnishings, if the carpet looks under par, it will let the rest of the room down.

With regular cleaning from a professional carpet cleaning company, however, you can make sure a carpet always looks its best, so it contributes to a more visually appealing environment.

While vacuuming a carpet removes surface dirt, it won’t make a carpet look fresher or brighter, but that’s where professional cleaners can make the difference in how your carpet looks, restoring its colours and vibrant appeal.

If creating a positive impression is essential to you, whether you’re a business owner, a landlord looking to let out a property or you run a hotel or guest house, having spotlessly clean carpets will ensure to create the right kind of welcoming vibe. In particular, if you have workplace carpets that look clean and fresh, it could even boost the morale of your staff, who will appreciate working in a pleasant environment.

5. Banishes carpet odours

Over time, a carpet can start to take on a stale or musty aroma, for various different reasons. This could be because something was spilled on it, and residues remain from the spillage, or maybe a pet has had one or two toileting accidents on a carpet. Carpets in rooms that don’t receive a lot of ventilation can also smell stale or musty as time goes by, especially if there is any damp present.

The only way to properly eliminate odours in carpets is through regular professional cleaning. Expert technicians use highly dependable deodorising treatments that work to dissolve and neutralise odours, so that carpets are thoroughly sanitised and smell reassuringly fresh.

6. Maintain a carpet warranty

Often, manufacturers state that a warranty for a new carpet is only valid if it’s cleaned professionally during the warranty period. Therefore, getting new carpets regularly cleaned by professionals can give you peace of mind that any warranty stipulations are being adhered to.

Check the manufacturer’s terms and conditions to find out how often you’ll need to get a carpet cleaned as part of the warranty agreement, as this can vary.

7. Easy to maintain

Getting your carpets cleaned every six months or so by professionals will help to ensure that they’re easier to maintain in-between cleaning sessions. That’s because regular deep cleaning can remove the build-up of dirt and debris, including dry soil, so that it doesn’t sink further into the carpet pile. Vacuuming a carpet can keep on top of surface dirt, making your carpets easier to maintain.

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