Keep Your Shop Floors Scuff Free


Businesses in Bromley always see a lot of foot traffic. As a major market town with highly pedestrianized streets, your shop

likely gets many visitors. Unfortunately, places that get a lot of foot traffic will also have a much harder time keeping their floors clean – along with the dirt that gets tracked into the vicinity, you also will get scuffs and scratches, which are much harder to remove.


Carpet Bright has provided commercial cleaning services in Bromley for the past 20 years. We know exactly how important it is to keep your shop clean and free of dirt – a clean shop simply looks more professional and inviting.


While your shop greatly benefits from a professional cleaning, it is still crucial that you keep the place clean in between cleanings. Since scuffs and marks are very hard to remove, here are some ways to keep your floors scuff free, until you are ready for your next commercial cleaning service.


Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are very common and popular in shops because of their durability, but scuffs can still be a problem. When cleaning the area, mop it with a dry cloth to clear the area of dust and debris. For scuffs and other marks, spot clean the area with a wet microfibre cloth. Never polish laminate flooring, as it will only make it slippery.


Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors, though very attractive, is a type of flooring that is most prone to getting scratched and scuffed. To clean, it is best to use a dry mop, followed by a good coat of floor wax as even small amounts of moisture can damage hardwood floors. The remove scuffs, try a rubber eraser to gently ease away the mark from the surface.


Tile Flooring

Tiles do not easily get scuffs on them and cleaning is very easy. A quick run through with a damp mop is usually enough. For scuffs, try to cover the area with a thick paste of baking soda and water, and rub with a soft cloth to remove the mark.


Prevention is the key to keeping your floors shiny. These tips will surely keep your shop looking clean until your next professional cleaning.


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