Myths about cleaning wool carpets

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Wool is a natural and beautiful material and therefore a popular choice for carpeting. It’s hard-wearing, warm, insulates your home and is also environmentally friendly.

Many people are frightened about the cleaning and maintenance of a wool carpet but there’s no need to be worried if you follow some basic steps. Here are some reassuring facts which will show you how to enjoy your wool carpets to the full, and get the longest, most beautiful lifespan for your money.

Myth 1 

You shouldn’t wet-clean a wool carpet as this will damage it.


This is not at all true. Wool is a type of hair, and like any hair it can be safely cleaned with water. A thorough water extraction is vital to maintain your wool carpet in a good condition, but if a clean is professionally carried out .your carpet will benefit from this.

Myth 2  

Wet-cleaning your wool carpets will cause shrinkage.


Again, this is not true and damage you may have heard about has resulted from sub-standard cleaning methods and processes. Wool can be effectively cleaned with cool or luke warm water. As wool can absorbs quite a lot, a professional technician will always avoid over cleaning the carpet with cleaning solution.

Myth 3 

 If you wet-clean wool, the carpet will turn brown.


Once again, this myth has taken hold because of the results of poor cleaning techniques.  Browning as a carpet dries means that the carpet was over-wetted during the clean: this can then result in the backing of the carpet ‘wicking back’. When the clean has been carried out to a good standard, this will not occur. Our professionals will test a small and inconspicuous area of the carpet before commencing a full clean, to make sure that the fabric is colourfast and that the desired result of restoring vibrant colour can be achieved.

Myth 4 

Bleach should never be used on wool carpeting.


This is absolutely true. Bleach can seriously damage and even actually dissolve wool. Never use any bleaching agents on your wool or wool mixed carpet.

Myth 5

It is important that Wool should be allowed to air-dry at its own pace.


This is incorrect. In fact, the opposite is the case: the quicker wool carpets dry, the better. When they are drying, ensure to ventilate the room well and use air movers in strategic positions to facilitate the process if this is possible.

 It is certainly possible clean your carpets yourself, but it is recommended  that professional cleaning is carried out at least once every twelve months to keep a carpet in optimum condition and to prolong its life.