Telltale signs a carpet needs professional cleaning

Keeping your carpets clean is vital to maintain their appearance and improve their longevity, but it’s not always easy knowing just how often they should be professionally cleaned. While each carpet is different in terms of its cleaning needs, the following telltale signs could suggest that a visit from the cleaning experts might be overdue.

A carpet looks drab and dull

If you selected a carpet for its vibrant, fresh colours, but you’ve forgotten what these now look like, it could mean that a professional clean is what’s required to give your carpet a much-needed facelift. Drab and dull carpets are sure signs of daily wear and tear and accumulated grime, so when the colours or patterns have faded in your carpets, give the professionals a call.

It’s discoloured

As well as looking faded and dull, carpets that get a lot of use can become discoloured. This tends to happen in those hotspot areas of a carpet that receive high volumes of traffic, where dirt builds up, creating different colours to form in the carpet. When your carpets start to become discoloured, call the cleaning experts – a thorough deep clean should help to remove all the dirt from deep in a carpet that can result in discolouration.

Hoovering makes little difference

If you find that, no matter how often you vacuum your carpets, they just don’t have that spick-and-span appeal about them, this could suggest that they require an extra helping hand with a professional deep clean.

It’s not been cleaned for over a year

Experts recommend that carpets are professionally cleaned around once a year, to keep them looking their very best. If it’s been more than a year since your carpets were last cleaned, make sure to put this on your to-do list.

It’s never been cleaned before

If you can put your hand up to not ever having had a carpet professionally cleaned before, then it’s a telltale sign that you need to get it done sooner rather than later, especially if a carpet is over a year old or is blighted by stains, odours and a dull appearance. Having a carpet regularly cleaned by professionals will help to prolong its lifespan, and prevent problems becoming untreatable issues, so it’s well worth getting into the cleaning habit early on when buying a new carpet.

You’re suffering allergy symptoms

Are you sneezing, coughing, or experiencing watery or itchy eyes and a runny nose? It’s possible your carpets could be to blame. Carpets can become breeding grounds for allergy-inducing germs, bacteria and dust mites, so if your allergy symptoms have worsened lately, or you are suffering from respiratory issues, getting your carpets professionally cleaned could make a big difference to your health.

It smells unappealing

Carpet fibres trap odours, which can disperse into the surrounding atmosphere, creating an unpleasant smell. Some people use home remedies such as baking soda and lemon to eradicate carpet odours, but these often only have a temporary effect or may not work at all. The only truly effective way to give your carpets a fresh smelling appeal is to get them professionally cleaned. Don’t put up with carpet odours any longer – if smells persist, contact the cleaning pros.

You’re embarrassed by it

If a carpet has become a source of embarrassment in recent times, where once you were proud to show it off to everyone, ask yourself why things might have changed. If it’s because a carpet looks dirty, smells stale or is stained, then this is a sure sign it needs some expert attention.

Equally, if you’ve added new furnishings or decor to a room and a carpet lets the space down, it might indicate that a deep clean is needed so that your carpet can earn its place.

Stains are hard to remove

Some carpet stains can be easily removed, but others can be problematic. If you try to get rid of marks yourself, you run the risk of making matters worse, possibly causing the stain to set deeper into the pile. When stains are difficult to shift, or they are becoming increasingly frequent, then it’s time to give the pros a call. Certainly, if your carpets have been affected by stains such as red wine, oil, grease, paint, cosmetics or curry, you need to leave these in the safe hands of the experts.

It’s also worth calling the professionals if you spot track marks in your carpet, which can occur from wear and tear and high traffic.

Your carpets might benefit from a stain protection service if spillages and stains are a frequent occurrence, as this may prevent marks from sinking deep into the carpet.

Mold or mildew

If you’ve noticed mold, mildew, damp or dark spots on a carpet, you should address this issue straight away. A professional cleaning company can give your carpets a thorough detox to remove the spores that may be present deep within a carpet. It might also be a good idea to work out where the problem stems from in the first place, so it doesn’t return after you’ve gone to the effort of getting your carpets cleaned. Damp in a carpet may be caused by a water leakage, a food or drinks spillage that hasn’t been properly wiped away or wet footwear from outside.

A flat pile

If the fibres of your carpet have started to look flat in recent times, this is probably a consequence of a carpet being repeatedly walked over. Professional cleaning can help. By using advanced cleaning technologies, experts can gently lift a carpet’s pile again, so that it enjoys a fuller texture and form, just like when you first bought it.

You’ve got a new pet

Pet owners will need to get their carpets professionally cleaned at least once or twice per year. But, if you have recently added a new furry friend to your household, then you might need to think about getting your carpets cleaned a bit sooner than normally scheduled. A new pet may take a bit of time settling in, especially if they are young, so the odd toileting accident on your carpets is often to be expected. If you don’t remove the stains properly it can encourage a new pet to keep soiling in the same area. Getting the experts to clean your carpets thoroughly will not only remove traces of pet accidents, but it will ensure your environment stays hygienic and healthy.

By keeping an eye out for any of these telltale signs, you can rely on our carpet cleaning services to put your carpets back to ship shape order again. Our expert carpet cleaners in London are only a phone call away.