Why every business needs professional carpet cleaning

Carpets are incredibly practical and durable, so it’s no wonder that many businesses choose to kit their premises out with this type of flooring.

However, with an ever-growing to-do list, many businesses might not give their carpets the professional cleaning priority they deserve. Yet, this is an important task that every business owner should consider – and here’s why.

1. Excessive use

Carpets in businesses tend to experience a lot more foot traffic compared to carpets in the home. This could be from workers moving around an office, customers visiting a shop or restaurant, or guests staying at a hotel, for example.

Over time, repeated comings and goings can make carpets look worse for wear, making them quickly appear dirty and stained, no matter how many times they get hoovered.

Because of how frequently carpets in businesses get used, getting them professionally cleaned is the only effective way to keep on top of the daily grime that can rapidly build up in carpet fibres.

2. Prone to stains

Whatever the nature of your business, your carpets may be prone to getting stained. For example, an office worker might accidentally spill coffee on the floor, carpets in restaurants or pubs will suffer from food and drinks spills, shops may get stained carpets from muddy footwear, etc.

Once stains appear in a carpet, they need to be tackled right away if you want your carpets to remain spotless. Many business owners don’t have the time, resources or knowledge to remove various different types of stains from a carpet, so that’s why relying on the experts is essential to tackle all the many marks and spillages that business carpets have to endure.

3. Create a good impression

Every business will want to create a good impression, and often first impressions are made from the moment you step through a door. The last thing you’ll want is for a dirty entrance or reception carpet to negatively impact how others perceive your business, especially if you’ve worked your socks off to create a squeaky-clean brand name for yourself.

Yet, the reality is, entrances to businesses are likely to suffer the most, with visitors wiping their feet as they step inside, leaving dirt and debris behind in the carpet. It’s not just how a carpet looks that can influence those all-important first impressions, but dirty carpets can become smelly and musty from damp footwear, which won’t do your reputation any favours.

If you want to make sure that visitors to your business are given a gleaming first impression when they enter your space, prioritising regular carpet cleaning from the professionals, especially in high-traffic areas, will achieve this aim.

4. Stay competitive

Whatever market or sector your business operates in, there’s a good chance you’ll face stiff competition from other rival companies. Making sure that your firm is the best it can be is important, to stay ahead of your competitors and keep your business ticking over.

Whether you’re trying to attract new clients to use your business services, encourage visitors to spend money at your retail premises, restaurant, pub or hotel, or even lure the best recruits to come and work for your company, paying attention to detail with all aspects of your business environment is key. Simple measures such as getting carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis can make your space more welcoming and appealing, and could help you to remain a cut above the competition.

5. Maintain a healthy environment

Even if your carpets are regularly vacuumed, this doesn’t mean to say they’ll be completely clean. Bits of dirt and particles can sink deep into a carpet pile, left untouched by standard vacuum cleaners.

Moreover, carpets can become hotbeds for all sorts of germs, bacteria, viruses and other nasties that you can’t see, such as dust mites. Often, these are walked in on footwear from outside, or come from airborne particles that settle to the ground.

If these substances remain in a carpet, over time they can cause health problems for those exposed to the carpets. Business employees, for instance, who spend all day long working in spaces with unclean carpets may be more prone to suffering ill-health, such as sinus problems or respiratory conditions, or they may find that allergy conditions such as asthma or hay fever are worse when at work. This could result in reduced productivity amongst affected staff, as well as workers taking more time off sick.

Simply getting carpets regularly cleaned by professionals who use high-tech, deep cleaning machines and products to tackle allergens could make a big difference to businesses, and the wellbeing of their workforce.

6. Saves you money in the long-run

A new carpet can be expensive, so if you own a business that has a lot of floor space, such as a shop floor, large office, restaurant or other premises, you won’t want the expense of having to change your carpets too frequently.

The best way to keep carpets looking as good as possible, for as long as possible, is to make sure they receive regular professional cleaning. This is because the experts use industrial strength equipment and products that tackle all of the problems faced by carpets, preventing them from succumbing to damage that may ruin them.

While you might think getting carpets professionally cleaned is an unnecessary business expense, it could actually save you money in the long-run. After all, carpets will only be properly cleaned from top to bottom with professional cleaning, so the more you take good care of them, the longer their lifespan. This can save you money from needing to get carpets replaced sooner than you might have envisaged.

7. Frequency of cleaning

Now that business owners understand how professional cleaning can keep carpets looking spick and span, the question remains how often should commercial carpets be professionally cleaned?

The answer largely depends on how much use carpets get, and other factors such as the colour of each individual carpet and its location. Experts recommend that professional carpet cleaners should be hired a couple of times per year where commercial carpets only get light use. On the other hand, business carpets that receive moderate levels of foot traffic should expect professional cleaning up to four times per year, while heavy traffic areas may need expert attention as much as once or even twice per month.

If you’re a business that wants to keep your carpets looking in the best condition, for as long as possible, contact Carpet Bright UK.