10 reasons why vacuuming a carpet isn’t enough

If you’re one of the many carpet owners who thinks that vacuuming is enough to keep a carpet clean, then it’s time to think again. While vacuuming is an essential part of carpet cleaning maintenance, you can’t rely on it alone to keep carpets as scrupulously clean as they ought to be. Here are 10 reasons why.

1. It won’t get rid of carpet stains and spots

Vacuum cleaners are designed to remove debris from a carpet, but they’re not geared up for removing stains and spots. Most carpets will become victim to carpet marks at some point or other, so in order to remove these effectively, you’ll need to follow a different tack than hoovering.

Although there are lots of different cleaning solutions you can purchase to remove stains and spots from carpets, there’s no guarantee they’ll do the job properly, and if you don’t use the right methods or solutions for a particular type of stain, rather than removing it, you could end up making the mark look worse or setting it deeper into the carpet.

If you need to remove stains and spots from a carpet, it’s invariably better to seek assistance from a professional carpet cleaning company.

2. Vacuuming won’t remove odours

Carpet odours can be caused by various different things, including stains, damp and mould, as well as smoke or stale smells in the atmosphere that can become trapped inside carpet fibres.

Unfortunately, a vacuum cleaner isn’t equipped to get rid of odours from a carpet, so the only really effective solution is to get it professionally cleaned. Experts can use deodorising solutions and deep cleaning methods to rid a carpet from any substances contributing towards odours, such as stains, as well as the odours themselves. After all, if you don’t tackle the source of the smell, it may still hang around.

3. It only removes surface dirt

No matter how sophisticated your model of vacuum cleaner, it will only remove the dirt and debris that’s situated near the surface of a carpet. The problem is, over time surface dirt can sink deeper into a carpet’s fibres, as a carpet gets walked on.

The good news is that a carpet doesn’t need to put up with festering dirt sitting at its core. Professional carpet cleaning companies use industrial strength machines that are designed to sniff out this sunken dirt and effectively extract it from a carpet. This ensures a carpet is totally clean throughout.

4. Vacuuming won’t prevent carpet damage

Since household vacuum cleaners are only designed to remove surface dirt from a carpet, the debris that’s left festering at the bottom of a carpet could potentially end up damaging carpet fibres.

This could manifest as fabric matting or even threadbare patches, and will eventually mean you’ll need to think about getting a carpet replaced. Such damage can, however, be prevented through regular deep cleaning.

5. Dust mites and other bugs will remain

No matter how often you vacuum a carpet, if it’s playing host to dust mites and other tiny bugs, your hoover won’t have the ability to pick them up and remove them.

The trouble is, a lot of people don’t even realise their carpets are infested with mites and insects, as they aren’t usually visible. However, they could manifest in other ways that you may not associate with an infested carpet, such as experiencing itchy skin or sinus problems.

To have peace of mind that your carpets aren’t a breeding ground for bugs and insects, contact the professionals who have remedies designed to specifically remove these from your carpets.

6. Vacuuming won’t remove micro-organisms

It’s not just bugs and grubs that call carpets their home; carpets can become breeding grounds for microscopic particles, such as germs, bacteria, viruses and mould spores – and your vacuum cleaner will be powerless to do anything about these.

Such tiny micro-organisms can be bad news for your health. In particular, if you have babies and children who like to play on a carpet, would you want them picking up nasties lurking in your flooring, and then transferring them to their mouths, potentially harming their health?

The only way to feel fully confident that your carpets aren’t harbouring any unwelcome micro-organisms is through regular professional cleaning, where experts use technically advanced equipment designed to eradicate substances from your flooring.

7. A vacuum cleaner won’t remove all pet debris

If you own pets and carpets, this doesn’t always make for the ideal hygienic combination. As well as pet fur getting trapped in carpet fibres, pet dander, or tiny flecks of skin, and traces of pet faeces can all end up trapped inside carpet fibres. Pets that are allowed to roam outside may also track bits of mud and debris on their paws, and could leave fleas, mites and other insects they’ve picked up outdoors free to breed inside a carpet.

Tackling all of these substances is far more than the average household vacuum cleaner can manage, so you really do need to turn to professional help if pets and carpets are a feature of your home. Expert cleaning companies have got the right kind of equipment that will make light work of banishing pet debris from a carpet.

8. Vacuuming won’t tackle allergens

Dust mites, bacteria and germs that end up living in a carpet tend to remain untouched even with the most rigorous of vacuuming routines. Substances such as these can cause allergy-related symptoms in people who suffer from conditions like asthma or hay fever, including breathing problems.

Because you can’t rely on a vacuum to remove carpet allergens, it’s essential to get your carpets professionally deep cleaned by experts who can use techniques and methods to remove allergy-causing substances from a carpet. Professional cleaning not only removes allergens from a carpet and makes its appearance look better, but it can help to improve the surrounding air quality.

9. Vacuuming won’t restore a carpet’s colour

Daily wear and tear eventually causes a carpet to lose its like-new appearance, where colours and patterns may seem to fade. You can run your vacuum cleaner over your carpets as much as you like, but it won’t have the power to restore a carpet’s lost colours, vibrancy or vitality.

The only effective way to return a carpet to its former glory is by booking in the professional cleaners. Experts use high-powered equipment that gently yet effectively washes away all of the dirt from a carpet, from top to bottom, so that its original colours and texture can be restored.

10. Vacuuming won’t maintain a carpet’s warranty

If you’ve bought a new carpet, it’s a good idea to read the small print relating to the manufacturer’s warranty. This usually stipulates that a new carpet will need to be professionally deep cleaned every year or so, to keep the warranty valid. Failure to do so would mean that if you needed to get a carpet replaced or repaired during the warranty period, the manufacturer wouldn’t be obliged to cover it.

Therefore, if you’ve recently got new carpets, don’t assume that vacuuming alone will be enough to keep their warranty valid.

When vacuuming isn’t enough for your carpets, get in touch with the professionals at Carpet Bright UK for professional carpet cleaning assistance.