Tips for keeping carpets clean when you’ve got kids

Keeping carpets clean is an ongoing task, but when you add kids to the mix, this can become even more of a challenge! That’s because little ones are prone to dropping things on carpets, such as food or drink, as well as smearing smudgy, sticky hands all over the floor.

Dirt can quickly accumulate in a carpet, and it’s estimated that the average carpet amasses up to 40 pounds of dirt each year. With kids adding to this, the amount of grime in a carpet could be even higher – not a pleasant thought. If children play on your carpets, naturally, you won’t want them to be exposed to anything that could be harmful to their health. Therefore, with carpets providing the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, germs, dust mites and viruses to multiply, regular carpet cleaning is a must.

Here are some effective ways to keep carpets clean when you’ve got kids, so that your carpets remain in great condition and aren’t detrimental to the health of any family members.

1. Frequent vacuuming

It might sound obvious, but it’s worth reiterating that frequent vacuuming is essential when you’ve got little ones running about the house. Ideally, you should aim to vacuum every other day, or even daily, especially if you’ve got pets as well. Vacuuming (with a HEPA filter) helps to remove surface dirt from carpets, preventing it from settling deeper within the carpet pile and becoming more difficult to remove. By keeping your carpets clean and fresh, you don’t need to worry about what little bits of dirt or particles children might pick up from a carpet and even put into their mouths!

2. Tackle spills immediately

Whether you have babies, toddlers or older children at home, spills on carpets are inevitable at any age. Whatever the source of the spillage, the key thing is to tackle it straight away, so that it doesn’t set into carpet fibres to cause a permanent stain.

Blot and dab away the spill as much as possible, trying to avoid rubbing or scrubbing at it. To make sure you’ve removed all of the spills from a carpet, especially stubborn marks, it’s a good idea to seek assistance from a professional carpet cleaning company.

However, if you do decide to use a carpet cleaner in the interim, always read the label and make sure products don’t contain any hazardous or toxic chemicals that could be harmful to carpets and little ones.

3. Host parties outside

If you regularly have kids over for playdates or parties, keep them out of the way of any precious carpets. Host the event outdoors so they can run around freely, without you worrying about them getting mucky or spilling anything outside. With children coming in and out of the house all the time, place mats at entrances so they can wipe their feet, and try to reinforce a ‘take your shoes off’ policy before they step inside.

If the weather isn’t playing ball, and you need to bring a children’s gathering indoors, at the very least put a large washable mat, rug or blanket down on the floor in any rooms where children play so that carpets are protected. This is especially important if children are involved in any messy activities such as painting. A picnic blanket also works really well to add to carpeted surfaces when little ones eat.

4. Keep carpets dry

Don’t let your carpets get wet. If you need to mop up spills try to blot away as much excess moisture as possible, and if you use any water to clean a carpet, use it sparingly. Keep windows open to ventilate a room to encourage a carpet to dry quickly, or turn a fan on.

When getting your carpets cleaned, always choose a reputable company that uses high-quality cleaning machines that enable fast drying to take place. Excess damp and moisture left in a carpet can promote the growth of mould and mildew, which could be harmful to the health of children, as well as negatively impacting a carpet.

5. Think about carpet choices

If you’re thinking of getting a new carpet and you’ve got children at home, be mindful of the different styles and colours you opt for. White or cream carpets might look crisp, clean and fresh, but they’re not destined to stay that way for long with little ones in situ. Instead, choose carpets that have forgiving, darker colours or multiple patterns, so that if spills and stains do occur, they won’t be as noticeable.

There’s also a growing trend for the use of carpet tiles, which are like individual sections of carpet that slot together. The advantage of these is that if one section becomes permanently stained, a single tile can be easily replaced without having to go to the expense of replacing the entire carpet.

6. Professional cleaning

One of the best things you can do for your carpets and the health of your family is to provide them with regular, professional cleaning. A professional company uses high-powered machines that deep clean carpets, so that every part of a carpet is cleaned, not just the surface. The cleaning equipment used by professionals will also get rid of substances in carpets that a vacuum cleaner can’t, including stale odours, so if you’re worried about your little ones being exposed to any microscopic germs, bugs and other particles, regular professional cleaning will ensure to keep these health-harming nasties in check.

If you add rugs to areas, such as entrances, or to cover areas of a carpet used by children, these should also be regularly cleaned by the experts so that they can do their job properly of both protecting carpets and providing a clean surface for children to use, sit on and play on.

When you’re looking for a professional carpet cleaning company, choose one that is reputable and ask about the cleaning solutions and methods they use. Pick a company that cleans using child-safe, non-toxic products, so your carpets and little ones won’t come to any harm.

To keep your carpets in tip-top condition, Carpet Bright UK provides dependable, award-winning professional cleaning using solutions that are suitable for carpets exposed to children. Get in touch for a free quote.