Local office in Belmont

We’ve just opened a local office in Belmont, so we’re starting to learn about the area and the customers who live there.


Belmont’s described in Wikipedia as an ‘urban’ development’, but we don’t feel this rather unappealing description does it justice at all! It was built by the Victorians as the new rail network allowed towns and cities to spread and sprawl, and a whole new category of workers was born: commuters who could travel daily from outside city areas to work. That’s why the train station was such a key to Belmont’s development. It wasn’t just called “Belmont station’, though: it was called ‘California’, after the local pub across the road, the California Arms.


This pub has an interesting history. It was completely destroyed during the Second World War, and then rebuilt afterwards with the new (and slightly duller) name of the Belmont Arms. Then in 2014 it was bought by new owners with a keen sense of history, and nowadays it’s the California Arms once more. As well as this enjoyable history, some darker aspects of the town’s Victorian heritage are still remembered, including Belmont workhouse, where people so poor that they were unable to sustain themselves were offered accommodation in return for (very hard) work.


As new carpet cleaners in Belmont, we’ve been out and about, telling people about our company and the local service we can offer them. It’s something we always enjoy, and a great way to become part of the local community from the start. But whilst modern day Belmont is a charming place with attractive tree-lined streets and a number of attractive churches, it can’t quite offer the glamour that the racing driver James Hunt brought to the area when he made his home here in the 1970s.


We look forward to all the opportunities Belmont has to offer as we settle into our new workspace and keep our foot on the accelerator of business growth – we’re sure James Hunt would be proud of us!


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