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Good news for Carshalton residents!

Now that we offer carpet cleaning in Carshalton, we’ve been getting to know the local area and introducing ourselves to our new customers.


Carshalton’s just west of Croydon, right on the amazing bus route, the X26, which speeds south Londoners to Heathrow airport without ever having to tangle with Central London or find themselves on the Piccadilly line. But people who just pass through on the way to somewhere else are missing out: Carshalton has many attractions all of its own.


It’s part of the valley of the river Wandle, which gives rise the lovely pond at the heart of the town. This is a historic area, marked out for special protection by the Carshalton Village Conservation Area. The Honeywood Museum, a Grade Two listed building, containing a great deal of local history, sits just feet from the water. There’s also an art gallery in Oaks Park, and until recently the town boasted the Charles Cryer Theatre. It’s currently dark but a band of enthusiastic locals are campaigning to re-open it. We’re not at all surprised: before it was a theatre, the building had been a roller-skating rink and then a cinema, which definitely demonstrates the liveliness and creativity of Carshalton’s residents.


As a new carpet cleaner, Carshalton has offered us a warm welcome as we’ve been out meeting customers, putting leaflets through doors and promoting our services. We’ve met with a friendly welcome and already we feel very much at home. Other people who’ve made themselves at home in Carshalton have included former Prime Minister John Major and the singer Cliff Richard


Carshalton’s certainly an attractive place to be, and we look forward to all the opportunities it has to offer as we continue to expand.


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