Oh no! It’s Blue Monday! How Carpet Bright UK can help

Blue Monday 2017 is fast approaching. Monday 16th January has been officially designated as this year’s unhappiest day. 


So why is Blue Monday so… blue?  Well, in 2005 a scientist called Cliff Arnall from the University of Cardiff wrote an equation to sum up why lots of us feel down in the mouth on the third Monday of the new year. 


Image public domain.

It looks a bit scary for the mathematically-challenged amongst us (and every year somebody writes an article de-bunking it) but we think Blue Monday kind of makes sense.


After all, if you multiply grey dark days with bad weather, a failed diet, the happy memories of Christmas fading and a long time to go until spring…  then add in the feeling that you really ought to get off the sofa and go for a run – well, you won’t be a very happy bunny.


We can’t help you with broken New Year resolutions – and we certainly can’t make the warm sunny weather come any quicker.  But we can offer a real January pick-me-up – a deep down professional carpet clean!


Every year we help our customers remove Christmas spills, stains and accidents from their carpets after the family has left.  It’s great to get the place looking – and smelling – clean and fresh once more.  But professional carpet-cleaning does more than just cheer us up: there’s evidence that it’s good for our health too.  In winter-time we keep the doors and windows shut to stay cosy – but we also trap fumes and particles from heating and cooking in our homes. Eventually, they sink into our carpets, where they start to build up and attract bacteria. Suddenly, the house isn’t as hygienic as we’d like it to be.


Unfortunately it’s still January… and maybe you didn’t go to the gym 3 times a week the way you swore you would on December 31st. But we can still make your living room a much nicer place to be – cleaner and safer for the whole family and smelling fresh again.


And we’ve got a little something else to make Blue Monday sweeter…. there’s a box of chocolates for every customer we serve that day!


Who knows, your fresh, sweet-smelling carpets might just put a spring in your step! Now… where did I put my running shoes?