Snow! But Carpet Bright UK is still go

So there’s snow – but Carpet Bright UK is still go! After all the warning, yesterday’s wasn’t the biggest blizzard on record.


But even a small snowfall makes our roads treacherous. When temperatures drop low and ice forms, it can get scary out there.


Snow looks beautiful and it’s great fun to play in. But it means dangerous driving conditions, delays and even accidents, and extra challenges to our teams out serving customers.


We value all our customers’ time and our top priority is to arrive promptly for every job. So when bad weather’s on the way, we leave extra travel time – which meant some very early starts for us this morning! And we’ll always keep in touch when we’re on our way, so if the snow gets worse and the traffic comes to a standstill, you’ll be the first to know.


Our professionals work with consideration when the weather’s bad: we won’t tramp dirt and damp into the house or leave doors and windows open when the thermometer hovers around freezing. And we check up on parking in advance – then we can get the cleaning equipment we need into your home or office fast – and keep the warmth in!


Of course, sometimes the best laid carpet-cleaning plans are spoiled by the British weather. If it turns out we just can’t get to a job (let’s hope it doesn’t happen this winter) we’ll call you straightaway and arrange another date and time for your clean. No fuss, no bother.


Luckily, those white flakes seems be saying goodbye for now. But even if England is carpeted with snow, we’ll carry on putting our customers first, driving safely to work and doing the great job we always do: making the carpets inside your home as sparkly and bright as the day they were laid.