Red Red Wine

It’s the stain from hell – It’s the stain everyone dreads – red wine on your carpet. Time to call Carpet Bright UK….


‘Oh dear – red wine. You’ll never get that mark out!’


When you’ve spilled red wine, acting fast is the key: so jump to it then and there.  Whatever you do, though, don’t rub the spill: you’ll damage the pile of your carpet and you may spread the stain further. A quick Google search reveals a host of home tips and fixes including salt, hydrogen peroxide, cold water, white wine vinegar, baking soda and even pouring white wine over the red.


But what happens if it’s the morning after the party, and the Spill-You-Didn’t-See suddenly grabs your attention? By now it’s had hours to dry and the red wine has penetrated deeply into the carpet’s fibres and dried. You get a sinking feeling. Is there anything you can do about it?


The good news is: Carpet Bright UK can help. Even if a stain has had time to set, we’ll make every effort to remove it completely.


Here’s what we’ll do.


A red wine spill causes what’s known as an oxidisable stain.  To make it disappear, you need to break down the colour-causing chemical structures.  Our technicians use professional products and are certified in their use, so the environment in your home or workplace remains safe for children, pets and you during and after the clean.


Here’s how you’ll see a Carpet Bright UK technician tackle a stubborn red wine stain:


He or she will put on protective clothing, as the cleaning products mustn’t get in their eyes or on their skin.  He’ll do a pre-test on the carpet or rug before he starts, to make sure the product doesn’t affect its colours. Then he’ll use a nozzle to apply it, or if the stain covers a larger area he might dilute it, then spray it on.  He’ll be careful not to let the product he’s using touch any other part of the carpet.


If the stain’s really sunk into the fabric, he might also put a damp white towel onto the stain as well, then apply a hot iron to it for around 20 seconds.  That’s because some oxidised stains respond to heat.


After that, he’ll wait – sometimes up to half an hour – while the product does its job.  Finally, he’ll finish off by running a handheld cleaner over the place where the stain used to be.


By the time your Carpet Bright UK clean is finished, the stain will be gone and your rugs and carpets will be bright, fresh and deep down clean.  Just try not to spill any more red wine!


Carpet Bright UK is the fast, professional solution to all your carpet cleaning needs. To find out more or to make a booking with a skilled Carpet Bright UK technician in your area call today.