Seven Things You Never Knew About Clapham!

As Carpet Bright UK proudly opens its new branch office in bustling SW2, here are seven things we’ve just found out about our new location: the London borough of Clapham!

  • Clapham Junction station is the busiest non-terminal train station in Europe…. but it isn’t in Clapham at all! It’s in Battersea.
  • Clapham’s over a thousand years old and began life as an Anglo-Saxon village called Cloppham. (We have to say that we prefer its modern name.) It meant the village (‘ham’) by the hill (‘clopp’). Clapham first became popular after the plague and the great fire of London in the 1660s drove people out of the city and down south.
  • Clapham played a part in abolishing the slave trade. A group of people who attended Holy Trinity church, near Clapham Common tube station, led a campaign which resulted in the Slave Trade Act of 1807 then the abolition of slavery itself in 1833.
  • You can still see the entrances to three community air raid shelters in Clapham. They were dug during the Second World War and there were eight  in London altogether, deep underground and equipped with huge spaces for people to sleep, toilets, medical posts and air pumps to keep them well ventilated.  Sadly you can’t get inside any of them nowadays as they are privately owned and used for storage.
  • Famous former Clapham residents include Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling, fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott.
  • The Windmill pub on the common is named after a real windmill. Actually, there were two, and it’s not quite clear exactly where they stood because the modern day common doesn’t cover the same ground as the old one did – but they were definitely there.
  • The total amount of carpet in the SW2 postcode area is 7,254,012 sq m….

….and one of the above facts about Clapham may not be entirely true!

But however many square metres of carpet there really are in Clapham, the good news for SW2-ers is that from now it’s never been easier to call in a reliable, professional local cleaning service and get rid of the dirt and debris that can make your carpets dingy and compromise the air quality in your home.  All our technicians are qualified and the products we use are child-, pet- and allergy-safe. As part of our full service, we also provide car interior cleaning, making sure your seats, headboard, and car mat are shiny clean and smart.

If you’re looking for a local carpet cleaner in clapham you can really trust, get in touch with Carpet Bright UK by calling 020 3011 5521.