Serving customers in Cobham.

We’ve begun to offer carpet cleaning in Cobham. We’ve found that there’s lots to learn about the area and we’re enjoying meeting local people and settling in.


Cobham’s an ancient Surrey town with roots that go back the Iron Age. A small and quiet place for centuries, it had just 1617 occupants in 1848. Rapid expansion then took place when the railways came, and the village spread. In the 1960s a road-widening scheme (which might not meet with so much approval today) removed some antiquated buildings and created the town centre and high street familiar to modern residents.


But the river Mole still runs through the village and there’s even a mill in the High Street (as there has been since medieval times). It’s run by the Cobham Mill Preservation Trust, who restored it to full working order, and it opens regularly to the public, as a result of which it’s a focal point of interest for visitors to the town. It was in commercial use grinding corn until as recently as 1928, at which point it became uneconomical. Visitors also enjoy the beauty of the Church Cobham Conservation Area which includes fourteen listed buildings.


Looking around us, we can see why Elmbridge in Cobham once won a national newspaper award as the very nicest place to live in Britain. It’s certainly a great place to work, and a lovely part of the world, and we look forward to all the opportunities it has to offer as we continue to expand. As a new carpet cleaner in Cobham, we’ve been meeting local people, putting leaflets through doors and visiting our customers. We’re very much looking forward to becoming a part of this thriving community.


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