Spring cleaning tips for your home

Spring is the season of renewal, so what better time of the year to give your home a good spring cleaning to freshen it up for the warmer months ahead? Here are some top spring cleaning tips to improve your space.

1. Get carpets professionally cleaned

Whether you vacuum clean your carpets every day or once a week, no matter how many times you run a hoover over them, they’ll still need a thorough, deep clean once or twice per year to completely remove hidden dirt and tackle problems such as stains, odours or dust mites.

Spring is the perfect time of year to get your carpets deep cleaned, so give your local carpet cleaning company a call. Professionals use top of the range equipment and cleaning methods so your carpets will receive the highest levels of spring cleaning care possible.

2. Declutter

Now is a good time of year to have a thorough decluttering session around the home. Tidy away items or get rid of anything you no longer use. Store winter fabrics away, such as woolly jumpers, thick coats and warm bedding, so you’ve got more room for lighter alternatives.

Make use of any storage space you’ve got, such as stacking items on cupboards and shelves, or in handy boxes and containers. If you don’t have much storage space in a bedroom, use the space under the bed. Bear in mind that the area under a bed can get dusty so give it a good clean before you add things to this space. While you’re at it, it might be worth considering giving mattresses a spring clean, too, especially if you’re swapping over to cooler bedding. A professional mattress cleaning company can tackle this job for you.

3. Refresh your rooms

Another way to potentially create more space in your home is to move furniture around in a room so that you make the most effective use of the area. Moving furniture around also freshens up a space so that it looks different, without you needing to spend any money on the makeover!

It’s also a good idea to periodically move furniture around, especially if you have carpets, as this helps to keep carpets in good condition, reducing furniture marks and preventing an uneven colour forming where some parts of a carpet might be exposed to more light than others.

You can also give rooms a quick spring makeover with minimal effort by replacing winter cushions and throws with fabrics made from lighter materials or pastel tones and colours. Thick fleecy rugs can be put away for the warmer months and replaced with a short pile or flat weaved rug that will help to keep your space cooler as the days get hotter. Before putting warm, heavy rugs away, get them professionally cleaned. This will remove lingering traces of winter dirt and will keep them in good condition until you need them again.

4. Clean upholstery

During the process of moving furniture around, have a check to see if any soft furnishings or upholstery could do with a spring clean, especially if you notice any stains or if any seating areas are well used by pets.

Furniture and upholstery can be prone to attracting dust mites, which can cause allergy symptoms in sufferers of conditions like hay fever or asthma, so contact an upholstery cleaning expert to make sure your furnishings aren’t causing you ill-health. You’ll be amazed at what a difference a good clean of your furniture can make, restoring tired-looking furnishings to a like-new condition.

5. Focus on curtains

When it comes to cleaning a home, curtains often get overlooked, but it’s a good idea to give curtains the cleaning attention they deserve. This is because dust and dirt can get trapped in the folds of a curtain. Each time you open and close them, this debris can get released into the air, polluting the atmosphere.

Additionally, if you have pets, these may rub against the curtains as they walk past, leaving behind loose fur and pet dander.

Cleaning curtains can be tricky if they’re made from certain types of materials, so it’s a good idea to seek the assistance of a professional curtain cleaning company.

If you’ve hung heavy drapes over winter, as well as getting them cleaned, spring is a preferable time to take them down and replace them with lighter curtains for the warmer months ahead.

6. Let windows sparkle

While you’re taking curtains down to get them clean, now is also a good time to give windows a thorough spring clean. Winter wind and rain can leave smears and marks on windows, which will be clear to see when the bright spring sunlight shines on them.

Cleaning windows regularly, as well as wiping down walls and dusting corners, will also get rid of any mould spores, damp or dust that accumulates over time – and could be a source of allergens. These may be released into the atmosphere, causing poor air quality, and could also settle into a carpet, potentially making your carpet unclean.

7. Clean doormats

Entrance areas receive a lot of foot traffic and, therefore, quickly become dirty. Winter mud and dirt may have left its mark on doormats, making them appear tired and dull. Now that spring is in the air, clear away traces of dirt and debris present in your doormats by giving them a rigorous detox.

Because doormats and entrance areas are prone to getting so dirty, it’s worth using the services of a professional rug cleaning company to get them looking as clean again as possible.

8. Clean the fireplace

Now that the days and nights are getting warmer, you probably won’t need to rely on using your fireplace as much as you did during winter. If you have an open fireplace, in particular, repeated use over the previous months could mean that now is the perfect time to give it a good tidy up, clearing away any bits of debris and soot in and around the fireplace. If you have a rug in front of the fireplace, get this professionally cleaned, too, to remove any specks of fireplace soot and dust that may have transferred to the rug.

Carpet Bright UK can assist with many of the cleaning tasks required to spring clean your home, so get in touch to allow us to put the sparkle back into your living space.