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Carpet cleaning Hastings

If you're looking to impress others who visit or use your property, having spotlessly clean carpets certainly helps. Getting your carpets clean to impress is where we really step up to the mark at our award-winning carpet cleaning Hastings company.

About our cleaning services

At Carpet Bright UK, we are masters in the art of cleaning carpets to immaculate standards. You can rely on us to restore your carpets to a pristine state, so that everyone that uses or sees them gives them the thumbs up.

We possess enviable experience in cleaning carpets, with thousands-upon-thousands of carpets in Hastings and the wider areas having already been the lucky recipients of our expert cleaning care and attention to detail. From popular styles of carpets to more unique varieties, we have got the skills and know-how needed to clean each fabric type to exacting standards.

As well as our enviable amount of carpet cleaning experience, our technicians are fully certified to industry standards and boast the required insurance needed to clean carpets in both public or private spaces in Hastings and beyond.

What’s more, when you choose our family-owned carpet cleaning in Hastings, it’s not just your carpets that stand to benefit, as we’re also specialist upholstery, curtain, mattress and rug cleaners.

High-quality carpet cleaning Hastings services

With our exceptionally high cleaning standards, it goes without saying that we only ever use the most technically advanced machines to clean your carpets. Our machines boast all the latest features for removing the maximum amount of dirt from a carpet, typically around 98%. This ensures that every type of carpet gets to benefit no matter what state it is in when we clean it.

We own powerful HEPA vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners, which are used as part of our proven five-step cleaning process. The advantage of using industrial grade machines that are much more powerful than traditional models is that we can get rid of deep-seated dirt and debris that could be potentially damaging to carpet fibres over time.

Rely on us to remove carpet stains

At our five star rated carpet cleaners in Hastings, we also boast an unrivalled track record for removing stains and spillages from carpets. Whatever these have come from in the first place, and however large the area is that they cover, our trustworthy stain removal treatments rarely let us down.

They break down the chemicals in a stain naturally, never causing any negative side-effects to the appearance of a carpet, or leaving any sticky residues behind. In fact, our cleaning machines are so effective at removing the cleaning moisture and residues from a carpet, that they’re completely safe for everyone to use right away.

Restoring good hygiene to your carpets

Carpet owners will also be pleased to know that when we deep clean your carpets we can effectively banish any unpleasant odours from carpets, which may have accumulated over time. Whether these are the result of daily use and dirty stains, or something more specific such as pet urine, our deodorisers remove the root source of any bad smells, instead of just covering them up.

Our carpet cleaning Hastings technicians are also experts at removing dust mites, germs, bacteria, mould spores, viruses, pollen etc from carpets, helping to prevent these allergens and irritants from causing any potential harm to your health.

We use carpet-safe and eco-friendly cleaning solutions without resorting to using toxic chemicals. This means your carpets are safe to use for everyone, and delicate or sensitive carpet fibres are protected during our cleaning.

If your carpets at home or at work in Hastings could do with some expert cleaning attention, contact us today to get a free quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

The powerful nature of our cleaning machines allows us to complete the carpet drying process in a fast 2-3 hours. Bear in mind that room temperature, airflow and humidity can affect how quickly a carpet dries, so our timescales are never guaranteed.

Q. Do you move furniture?

Of course. Our carpet cleaning Hastings technicians provide this service for free. We move furniture and return it to its rightful place after we’ve finished cleaning. To protect carpets, we can also put soft pads under furniture. If you can move accessories off furniture before we arrive, such as plants, clothes from drawers or books from shelves, etc, we’d appreciate this.

Q. Are you a local business?

Yes, we’re local to Hastings and not part of a chain. Our family-run business has been established since 1995 and employs a great team of local, professional technicians.

Q. How long will it take to clean my carpets?

We estimate about 20 minutes per carpet. Bear in mind this can vary according to the level of carpet soiling, how much furniture we have to move off a carpet and the size of carpet.

Q. What cleaning method do you use?

However soiled your carpets are, we use a reliable, five-step cleaning method that’s designed to eliminate up to 98% of dirt from a carpet. Our carpet cleaners in Hastings have invested in modern HEPA vacuum cleaners and steam cleaning machines, as well as powerful products that remove stains, odours and unhealthy irritants. Every carpet is provided with tailored cleaning, suited to its specific needs. We also use natural, carpet-safe and human- and pet-friendly cleaning solutions, from start to finish.

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