1000 reviews on reviews.co.uk

Carpet Bright UK recently reached our 1000th review on a website called reviews.co.uk.

It’s a website where the customer is boss: you can tell us exactly what you think of our services.


Of course, we like getting compliments  – who doesn’t?  And we’re happy to say that we get quite a few. But for us it’s more than that: it’s a real chance to listen and to learn from what our service users say.


Everyone likes a job well done – so does it really matter who does it? Those reviews tell us that it does and we notice comments like ‘friendly’ and ‘approachable’. Being approachable may not get your carpets any cleaner, but feeling relaxed makes a big difference to your day when a technician spends two or three hours in your home.


Customers say that it’s great when their technician is ‘informative’.  You don’t have to know exactly what a technician is going to do… but people appreciate having the cleaning process explained to them. So we teach trainees that a few extra minutes spent talking to a customer can make a big difference.


We know our customers like a tidy technician.   So we show consideration:  we always remember that your home is your personal space, and we’re in it.  We make sure to position the equipment we use as neatly as possible before and after use, and to tuck as many leads and wires as possible out of your way.


When we’ve finished cleaning carpets, there are three little words that mean the world to us. What are they? Why… ‘just like new’, of course!  That makes it all worthwhile, and when we see those words on reviews.co.uk, it’s another job well done.


We’d like to send our thanks to the first thousand people who’ve taken the trouble to write reviews for us. We appreciate all your kind words, and look forward to being of service to you again in the future.