Lipstick, powder and paint!

Christmas time (remember that?) is party time! That means more minutes in front of the make-up mirror than at any other time of year.

It’s great fun to glam up, but we’ve been hearing from our customers about their beauty accidents – and helping them clear up the mess.


In the last few weeks we’ve dealt with a lipstick that got trodden in, a pot of bronzer dropped on a pale carpet, and some very rich body lotion that went everywhere….. 


So what can we do when instead of making you look super-gorgeous, your make-up makes your carpet look super-grotty?


Make-up and other beauty products are made to be long-lasting.  But the same ingredients that keep a  lipstick smooth on your lips can turn into a big problem for your carpet.  It’s because they are oil-based – and that means stains. It’s extra-tricky when make-up gets onto synthetic fabrics such as polyester or nylon. Believe it or not, those fibres are made from petroleum, so those greasy molecules bond strongly with each other.


The biggest problem was that bronzer stain – an orange-y-brown splodge that ruined our customer’s day and threatened to ruin her Christmas.  Most bronzing products contain dihydroxyacetone, which darkens the skin – and can leave lasting stains on fabrics.


Luckily our technician had the right kit for the job. He used an oxygenating pre-spray to break down the bronzer, then carried out hot water extraction. Even then, it took two careful wash-throughs to get a result he was happy with.


If there’s make-up on your carpet, our advice is to call the professionals here at Carpet Bright UK.  Don’t delay – the quicker we get there, the better the chance that the mark can be removed.  Our job is to leave your carpets looking as beautiful as you do.