Do You Have a Carpet Shrinking Problem?

Have you ever looked at the floor and thought to yourself ‘Is my carpet shrinking’? Don’t worry too much about it, you are not going mad, the carpet really is getting smaller.

How is that possible? This is actually a common process, similar to how clothes tend to shrink in the washer. The only difference is that this is a much costlier problem to correct.

It Might Be the Cold

Similar to most other shrinkages, carpet shrinking happens gradually, and most homeowners do not notice it until the edges are several inches from where they are supposed to be. A shrunken carpet is an irreversible problem; yes, carpets can expand, but it will rarely do so in the way homeowners want. A homeowner will need to either patch the bare edges with new strips of carpet, or replace the entire thing altogether.


The most common cause for shrinking carpets is improper cleaning methods. These shrinking events often occur when homeowners try to do the job on their own. There is a lot more to cleaning carpets than splashing water and chemicals on it. There are several subtle factors that cleaners need to take into account before they even think of starting on any cleaning job.

You Need More Fibre

The biggest reason some carpets shrink is the material they are made from. Natural fibres have a tendency to get smaller when they absorb moisture. Fortunately, this is not much of a problem these days, as most carpets are now made of synthetic fibres. This, however, lulls most homeowners into a false sense of security, and makes them commit common mistakes when they do happen to have natural fibre carpets.


Professional cleaning services have the tools and expertise not only identify whether a carpet is synthetic or natural, but to properly clean them as well. Do not let your family run the risk of either a dirty or an unclean carpet. Both scenarios have devastating consequences on house’s flooring space if left unchecked.


If you are looking for a competent carpet cleaning services that will not shrink from responsibility, you have the right people for the job. Contact us and we will ensure that you take full advantage of the comforts and joys that your carpet can offer.