Our technicians now serve Cheam!

We now offer carpet cleaning in Cheam, and as always, we’ve been taking a look around our new home.

Cheam’s in the London borough of Sutton, on the city’s very south western edge which is sort-of still Surrey, allowing it to combine the very best of both town and country living. It’s a deeply historic place which contains the beautiful Nonsuch Mansion, along with a number of other listed buildings. There are also not one but two conservation areas.

Cheam’s history goes back to Roman times, and the Roman Road of Stane Street forms part of its boundary: with Roman roads it’s always the straightest part, as they liked to build them that way to make it easy for their armies to march along them. A thousand or so years later, in 1085 the Domesday Book lists Cheam as ‘Cheiham.’ Then, in 1259, Cheam really got onto the map, being listed as a town by King Henry III of England. In 1538 his descendant, another King Henry (this time the more famous Eighth) got to work on Cheam’s most famous building, Nonsuch Palace, which he decorated most elaborately.


There are even some much more recent royal connections: Prince Philip, the duke of Edinburgh, attended Cheam School in the 1930s.

Cheam’s even been immortalised in verse:


‘Sutton for good mutton,

Cheam for juicy beef,

Croydon for a pretty girl,

Mitcham for a thief’….


…although we’re sure not all its neighbours in south London, particularly the upstanding citizens, of Mitcham, see things quite the same way! And of course there’s comedian Tony Hancock, who set lots of his famous sketches in the area.

As a new carpet cleaner, Cheam has offered us a great welcome as we’ve been meeting local people, putting leaflets through doors and visiting our customers. It’s a great way to find out what’s going on and we’re excited to be a part of this thriving community. We look forward to all the opportunities it has to offer as we continue to expand.

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