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Rug cleaning Burwood Park

An unclean rug not only looks unappealing, but it could be detrimental to your health. That's because substances like mould spores, germs, viruses, dust mites and bacteria can easily become trapped inside rug fabrics, from footwear or the surrounding environment. If you care about your rugs and the health of those using your space, regular cleaning of your rugs is key - and that's where we can help at our rug cleaning Burwood Park business.

What we provide.

At Carpet Bright UK, we provide the full range of rug cleaning services for homes and businesses in Burwood Park and beyond.

Whether you have one small rug that needs a light pick-me-up or you have several large rugs that are stained, covered in pet hairs, smell stale or are full of dust, you can count on us to provide everything your rugs need to look squeaky clean again.

Where we clean your rugs.

We take pride in the fact that we're convenient rug cleaners in Burwood Park, making life easy for customers whenever the time comes to get their rugs freshened up. That's why we give you the option of getting your rugs cleaned in-situ at your premises, or we can arrange to pick them up and take them to our specialist site for cleaning, returning them to you spotlessly clean and carefully packaged. Even better, we provide this transportation service free of charge!

What kind of rugs we clean.

Fully trained to the highest industry standards, our rug cleaning Burwood Park team is equipped and qualified to clean all rugs across the board. Whether you own a traditional style of rug with fringing or a modern kind of rug with multiple colours or patterns, we provide the right kind of cleaning treatments and care for each and every type of rug.

Plus, for those rug owners lucky enough to have a beautiful Persian, Indian, Chinese, Native American or oriental design of rug, you're in luck - our experts have vast amounts of experience cleaning rugs, so your rugs will be in very capable hands with us.

We're also a dab hand at cleaning rugs made from a variety of different types of materials and pile lengths, and even if you own a rug that consists of delicate fabrics, it will be cleaned with the highest levels of safety and care by our fully insured experts.

Because no two rugs are completely the same in terms of how they look and their current condition, we always provide tailored cleaning customised to match each individual rug. Testing a rug's dyes and pH levels and inspecting it before cleaning commences gives us the information we need to give each rug all of the required treatments it demands.

Our cleaning procedure.

To ensure every rug is cleaned to its optimum condition, we have created a tried-and-trusted, 10-stage, methodical cleaning method.

By working through each stage, this means the highest levels of dirt and debris are removed from all parts of a rug, and attention to detail is provided at all times.

In particular, we use high-performance steam cleaning machines that are designed to extract dirt from rugs using a sophisticated heat and pressure dual system. By loosening dirt and particles, neutralising stains and odours and sanitising rug fibres, our machines help to bring back the colours, appearance and texture of a rug reminiscent of days gone by.

We provide caring rug cleaning Burwood Park services, so you won't ever find us cleaning with any nasty, harsh chemicals that could leave toxic residues behind. By keeping things safe, eco-friendly and non-toxic, we help to protect your rugs and those that use them.

We're open six days per week, so why not call our friendly rug cleaners in Burwood Park to make a convenient appointment?

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