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Rug cleaning Guildford

As professional rug cleaners with an award-winning reputation, we're a favourite choice for homes and businesses seeking the best cleaning services for their rugs. So, next time your rugs look under the weather, allow our hugely popular rug cleaning Guildford team to perk them up again.

The Carpet Bright UK difference.

At Carpet Bright UK, we're different from the average rug cleaners in Guildford, and that's because we raise the bar for high-quality cleaning standards. We go the extra mile when cleaning your rugs, not stopping until we're satisfied that we've achieved the optimum best condition possible for each and every rug we're honoured to clean.

Try the Carpet Bright UK difference for yourself, and we guarantee you won't look elsewhere next time your rugs need freshening up.

Cleaning all rugs.

Our rug cleaning Guildford technicians have cleaned more than 60,000 rugs since our family-run business was established, so along the way we've amassed huge amounts of experience and skills, giving us the credentials to clean any type of rug.

Fully trained and certified, our talented cleaners are equipped to clean your rugs, whatever they look like and whatever condition they're in. As well as smartening up modern or traditional rug styles, we're a top choice for rug owners of Persian, Indian, Native American, Chinese or oriental rugs, as well as those with fringing or other detailing.

Complete cleaning services.

However much daily life has left its mark on your rugs, we're here to help. We clean rugs that simply require a straightforward pick-me-up as well as those that might have more complex requirements, such as having delicate fabrics or sensitive dyes, and those that may be heavily soiled from a number of different sources.

Whether you have a rug that has gained ugly marks and stains from spills, smears or pet accidents, or whether your rugs are smelly, a source of dust mite allergens or just appear flat and lifeless, we'll come to their rescue.

All rugs are cleaned according to their unique needs and properties, so we can provide accurate, targeted cleaning that's safe and dependable. We decide what particular treatments a rug needs following an initial inspection and dye and pH testing, so you'll know exactly what to expect from our rug cleaning Guildford services.

10 steps to a pristine rug.

Cleaning rugs to the very highest levels means we need to put into place a truly robust and reliable cleaning programme, so that's why we've developed a 10-step procedure that's proven to work well for all rugs.

We've chosen the best steam cleaning machines on the market, renowned for their abilities to pick up all bits of dirt in a rug, even those ingrained deep inside rug fibres. By lifting the layers of grime from a rug, using sophisticated hot water extraction methods, a much brighter, fresher and cleaner rug will be revealed.

Our rug cleaning processes focus on powerful cleaning and rinsing functions, for impressive results, but they also work to remove high levels of moisture from rugs, so drying occurs quickly. This means we're able to offer you fast, same-day appointments, for your convenience.

Prioritising safety.

Using natural steam cleaning processes combined with non-toxic, eco-friendly solutions means our cleaning is safe and caring, protecting rugs and those that come into contact with them.

Convenient cleaning for all.

At our rug cleaning Guildford business, we offer on-site or off-site cleaning for all rugs, with free rug collection and delivery. We provide convenient appointment times, and can happily assist if your rugs need urgent attention.

Our prices represent great value for money for all rug owners, so all that's left to do is pick up the phone and obtain a free, no-obligation quote.

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