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Rug cleaning Ashford

Welcome to Carpet Bright UK – the number one name for professional rug cleaning Ashford services. Here’s why homes and businesses throughout the TN postcode district only choose us to clean their rugs.

We offer very high standards of cleaning

At our professional rug cleaners in Ashford, we are committed to always cleaning your rugs to the very highest of standards. Our staff are highly skilled rug cleaners who boast in-depth industry training and experience, and we’re proud to own some of the most effective and reliable rug cleaning equipment in the industry. This means your rugs always stand to benefit when we clean them, no matter how dirty or soiled they are.

Expect great customer services

Not only are we committed to cleaning rugs to exceptional standards, but we also offer excellent services to all our domestic and commercial customers. We make the process of getting your rugs cleaned simple and convenient, with a wide choice of appointment times and the option for on-site or off-site cleaning. Our rug cleaning Ashford technicians are very helpful and accommodating, and you can always tap into our extensive rug cleaning knowledge if there’s anything you need to know.

Competitive prices

It’s a win-win when you choose our fully insured, family-owned rug cleaning in Ashford. As well as focusing on providing customers with the highest standards of cleaning for their rugs, we offer great value for money, too. No matter how many rugs you need cleaning, we’ll always charge competitive, transparent prices, and no hidden extra costs.

Our off-site rug cleaning service also includes free rug collection and delivery.

We clean all rugs

Got a wool rug that’s looking a little shabby lately? Or maybe a nylon rug has become stained? Perhaps your beautiful Persian or Oriental rug has become a favourite sleeping spot for a pet and is now covered in pet hairs? Whatever type or style of rugs you own, and whatever has made them unclean, we can assist.

We’re fully qualified to clean all rugs, and our experience extends to cleaning natural and synthetic materials such as wool, silk, cotton, viscose, nylon, polyester, etc.

We can provide general cleaning to enhance a rug’s overall appearance, or spot cleaning to remove stains. Our services also include deodorising to remove odours, and the elimination of pet soiling, insect infestations, water damage, allergens, and more.

Methodical cleaning

At our independent rug cleaning Ashford business, we use tried-and-trusted cleaning techniques that enable us to fully clean all areas of a rug, removing visible and invisible dirt, safely and effectively.

We clean rugs on-site, using powerful, portable equipment and products that revitalise rugs through highly effective steam cleaning processes.

At our off-site specialist cleaning centre, we clean rugs by hand, usually those made from natural fibres or hand-woven rugs that often require a different method of cleaning compared to synthetic rugs. Our powerful centrifuge enables us to quickly and efficiently rinse your rugs after they’ve been cleaned, so they dry fast.

We inspect your rugs

All rugs are inspected before we clean them, so we can ascertain the most effective, safe and reliable cleaning method for each rug type. We’ll also test a rug’s fibres to prevent dye transfer from taking place.

Once rugs have been thoroughly cleaned, they’ll once again receive a full inspection, as part of our rigorous quality control processes.

We clean rugs safely

Safety is a key feature of our rug cleaning in Ashford, so we only clean with natural solutions that are free of nasty chemicals. Our cleaning won’t cause problems such as discoloration, shrinkage or buckling, and we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Book with us today.

We Guarantee.

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Our specialist rug cleaning facility is state-of-the-art.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can my rug be cleaned at my property?

Yes, we recommend to clean all synthetic rugs at your property.

Q: How is my rug returned?

Once your rug has been signed off by our QA manager, we wrap the rug in a clear Polythene bag.

Q: Do you clean Oriental rugs?

Yes, oriental rugs need extra care when they’re cleaned. We recommend cleaning your rugs at our state-of-the-art rug cleaning facility to achieve optimum results.

Q: Can my rug be collected, cleaned and returned?

Yes, we have a state-of-the-art rug cleaning facility. Our lead time always depends on how soiled a rug is but most rugs are collected, cleaned and returned within 2 weeks.

Q: If I clean my rug at home, how long will it take to dry?

On average it only takes around 4-6 hours for your rug to completely dry. Our drying time is not guaranteed as it can be affected by humidity, temperature and airflow to the rug.

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