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Rug cleaning Charing Cross

When your rugs have seen better days and urgently need some cleaning attention, it's not always easy knowing how to go about this. Do you risk attempting to clean them yourself, perhaps putting them in the washing machine, or do you take them to a professional cleaners? If you value your rugs and want them to be cleaned safely, and to the very highest levels, it almost always makes sense to choose the latter option. So, give our expert rug cleaning Charing Cross business a call, and we promise you won't have any regrets.

Number one for rug cleaning

You can relax knowing that your rugs are in the best hands possible when you choose Carpet Bright UK. That's because we've been voted as the region's top rug cleaning company by our local customers. So, if you want any proof of our credentials, it doesn't get much better than our award-winning reputation.

Skilled and experienced staff

At our rug cleaners in Charing Cross, we don't just employ anyone to look after your rugs. All of our technicians have been carefully vetted for their hard-working ethics and can-do attitude. We also continually invest in the training of our staff, making sure they are all fully up to speed with the latest industry techniques, methods and cleaning technologies.

As well as being fully certified and insured, our rug cleaning Charing Cross professionals are highly skilled in all aspects of the job, cleaning all different styles of rugs, in all conditions.

We're also a favoured rug specialist for giving bespoke and antique rugs the required cleaning, and if you own rugs such as Persian, Indian, Native American, Chinese or oriental styles, allow us to put our vast experience to good use to restore these to their former glory.

How we revive rugs

We bring life back to faded rugs using a proven 10-step cleaning regime that works, time and again. Combined with powerful steam cleaning machines, rugs enjoy a rigorous detox, ending up looking spotless, smelling clean and fresh and bursting with hygiene.

Our machines use heat and pressure to remove dirt from a rug, as well as getting rid of micro-organisms that could be harmful to rug fibres, and even a source of allergens, affecting your health. Steam cleaning gets to the very core of a rug, so even those particles that have been repeatedly trodden down into a rug's fibres will be sniffed out and extracted by our trusty, high-tech equipment.

Even better, because our equipment is so cutting-edge and dependable, rugs are cleaned with remarkable speed and efficiency, so it won't take long for them to be clean and dry again.

Rug inspection and testing

Rug owners appreciate the fact that we treat their precious rugs with the utmost care and attention to detail - and this all starts with a pre-inspection. By taking a good look to understand what a rug is made from, and by testing its dyes and pH levels, we can devise a tailored cleaning plan that ensures fabrics and colours stay safe at all times.

We're very proud of our high standards of rug cleaning care, so the inspection doesn't just stop at the pre-cleaning phase. Our rug cleaning Charing Cross team also inspect rugs post-cleaning to make sure they meet our strict seal of approval.

Great value for money

Whether you're a homeowner needing rugs used by pets freshening up, or you're a business that has an entrance rug that’s showing signs of wear and tear, whatever your reasons for contacting us, you'll be over the moon with our great value prices. We also offer free rug delivery and collection for off-site cleaning, as well as options to get your rugs cleaned on-site. Call our friendly rug cleaning Charing Cross experts today, to discuss how we can transform your rugs.

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