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Rug cleaning Covent Garden

Whether you've used our rug cleaning Covent Garden services before, or you're new to Carpet Bright UK, you can always expect reliable, affordable cleaning of the very highest quality standards.

What makes us so special?

We're different from the average rug cleaning company because we provide tailored cleaning services for each rug, and always go above and beyond to ensure every rug is returned to its owner looking its ultimate best. So, even if you have rugs that are a bit battered and worn, and have suffered from repeated daily usage, allow our experts to clean them, and you could be surprisingly pleased at just what a difference we can make.

Fully trained and experienced

What also makes our rug cleaners in Covent Garden so sought-after amongst homes and businesses is that our cleaning standards are consistently dependable. Whether you have a small rug that needs lightly refreshing or a large rug that's heavily soiled, our cleaning technicians boast the skills and experience required to revive all rugs, whatever condition they're in and whatever style, size, colours, fabrics, etc they feature.

Our fully trained and certified technicians can even bring about a much cleaner, brighter and fresher aesthetic to rugs that are bespoke or unique in style, including those of Persian, Indian, Chinese, Native American or oriental origin, for instance.

Thanks to our wealth of rug cleaning know-how, you can count on us to take good care of all rugs during the cleaning processes, taking into account those with sensitive or delicate dyes and fabrics and features including fringe detailing.

Clean in 10 steps

We're proud of our tried-and-tested rug cleaning Covent Garden services, which includes utilising a rigorous 10-step cleaning plan that restores good looks and hygiene to rugs, every step of the way.

As voted by our customers as the number one rug cleaners in the South East, we are keen to maintain our esteemed reputation, and so continually investing in the cleaning equipment we use ensures we can remain one step ahead of our competitors.

Indeed, the steam cleaning machines we use to freshen up rugs are truly outstanding, producing the required results customers expect and demand, in just a short amount of time. Using heat and pressure, the steam from the machines can effectively lift a wide range of particles and pollutants from a rug, including mud, stains, bacteria, dust mites, pet accidents, pet hair and more.

Importantly, micro-organisms that could be harmful to a rug as well as the health of humans or pets are eliminated during our cleaning processes, ensuring you and your rugs aren't negatively affected.

Cleaning tailored to each rug

To make sure a rug is given the required cleaning it needs, we adjust our cleaning processes accordingly, to take into account factors such as fabrics, dyes and other details. To devise a tailored cleaning plan suited to each rug, we perform thorough testing and a cleaning pre-inspection.

The benefit of taking this approach to rug cleaning is that a rug will be cleaned as safely as possible, and it will only receive the cleaning treatments it needs, keeping those all-important costs down.

Even better, our rug cleaning Covent Garden processes are eco-friendly and non-toxic, so will appeal to those who prefer organic cleaning methods, without the worry of leaving any chemical residues behind.

Ready to help

When your rugs need cleaning, we're ready and happy to help, six days per week, so give our friendly team a call for a free consultation.

Our prices are cost-effective, and with free rug delivery and collection for off-site cleaning, we represent great value for money. We also offer on-site cleaning, so all you need to do is decide which option suits you best, and we'll organise the rest.

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