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Rug cleaning East Sheen

If you have rugs that need cleaning, it's important that this is carried out correctly, using the most appropriate cleaning methods and products. If not, a rug might end up suffering damage or could even shrink. The good news is that when our rug cleaning East Sheen experts are called in to clean rugs, we're highly knowledgeable in this area, so your rugs will be cleaned safely and effectively, at all times.

Quality cleaning from the pros

At Carpet Bright UK, we've cleaned many thousands of rugs since our family-run business was first established, so we certainly know a thing or two about all aspects of rug cleaning. Over the years, our reputation for providing very high-quality rug cleaning services has grown, and as more homes and businesses have become aware of our exceptional cleaning, we've made a name for ourselves throughout the entire South East. Indeed, customers are so happy with our rug cleaning, they've voted us as the top rug cleaners in the region.

How we clean rugs

Our rug cleaning involves a 10-step cleaning process, which we've fine-tuned over the years to ensure every rug that we clean receives the optimum levels of cleaning care and attention.

Every rug's cleaning journey starts with a thorough inspection, so we can get to know a rug in greater detail, such as understanding what fabrics it's made from, what condition it's currently in and any other features that we may need to consider when the rug is being cleaned.

At our rug cleaners in East Sheen it's our priority to clean rugs as safely as possible, using non-toxic solutions, so in order to make sure a rug's colours won't bleed during cleaning, we also undertake dye and pH testing.

Once we've got a clearer picture of a rug's cleaning requirements, we can adapt our cleaning processes, if required, to suit the demands of each rug.

Cleaning rugs is our forte, and we're proud of only using the most elite and sought-after rug cleaning equipment on the market. We use industrial strength steam cleaning machines that use hot water extraction to lift dirt and grime from all parts of a rug.

We also use highly effective eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are able to remove stains, odours and dust mites from rugs, as well as other microscopic organisms such as bacteria, germs and viruses.

Rugs that get frequently used by pets can also quickly become unclean, with pet hair accumulation, odours and dirty paw prints. Pet owners will be pleased to know that our rug cleaning East Sheen services incorporate cleaning rugs used by pets, so however much your rugs have been impacted, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the big difference we can make to them.

Once we've finished restoring good looks and hygiene to a rug, we'll carefully inspect it to make sure nothing has been missed, before returning it to its delighted owner.

Cleaning for all rugs

What makes our rug cleaning East Sheen business such a preferred choice amongst locals is the fact that we cater for cleaning all different styles of rugs. Whether you have a small, short-pile rug that has become stained, or a large, long-pile rug that needs a spring cleaning to remove dust and dry soil, we're in business to help.

Our trusty technicians are also qualified and certified to clean rugs of all different colours, patterns and material types, including popular styles and less usual kinds. If you're lucky enough to own a beautiful Persian rug or other exotic type of rug, rest assured our highly skilled technicians will know just how to clean each rug, with precision and confidence.

Our fully insured rug cleaning East Sheen technicians clean rugs on-site and off-site, with free rug delivery and collection. Why not call today for a cost-effective quote?

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