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Rug cleaning Gatwick

Unclean rugs that look well-used will never be the star attraction of your space, but we can turn this around at our rug cleaning Gatwick business. With a little help from our experts, we can transform your rugs so they look eye-catching and are a focal point in any room.

What can you do for my rugs?

At Carpet Bright UK, we provide the full range of rug cleaning services, so however untidy your rugs are, you can have complete confidence in our abilities to sort them out.

Our rug cleaning Gatwick team boasts the highest levels of skills and industry know-how, so when it comes to sprucing up your rugs, we certainly know what we're doing. We also have plenty of experience cleaning rugs, after all, we've cleaned over 9,000 of them. So, whatever style of rug you need refreshing, allow us to put our vast amount of skills and experience to good use to restore your rugs to their former glory.

How we clean rugs.

Because rugs can be affected by many different issues that undermine their aesthetics and hygienic condition, removing them not only takes skill but a truly methodical approach, so that substances deep within the rug pile can be effectively eradicated.

For this reason, we have carefully created a highly dependable cleaning programme that works to remove the layers of grime that can build up in a rug, using 10 individual stages.

All rugs begin with a thorough inspection, so we can get to know them better. Understanding what materials a rug is made from, and what other features it has, including its current condition, lets us devise a tailored cleaning plan unique to each rug. We'll also take into account a rug's colours, by testing its dyes and pH, so you can have complete confidence that the colours won't bleed during the cleaning processes.

We use the industry's best cleaning technology so your rugs can enjoy a rigorous deep clean using high-tech cleaning processes. Our machines use sophisticated steam cleaning technology that extracts dirt from rugs using hot water and pressure systems.

As well as removing the effects of daily wear and tear present in your rugs, when we set to work cleaning, we'll eliminate other things like stains, stale odours, pet accidents and health-harming micro-organisms such as dust mites, germs, or bacteria. Even stubborn marks present in rugs that you've had trouble shifting yourself can be effectively eradicated by our rug cleaning Gatwick experts, thanks to the powerful cleaning products we use and the skills of our team.

For your peace of mind, all of the cleaning products used by our rug cleaning Gatwick technicians are safe and non-toxic, without any harsh chemicals that could cause damage to delicate rug fabrics. Additionally, being pet- and child-safe, our cleaning solutions won't leave any nasty residues behind, so your rugs can be safely used by everyone once we've cleaned them for you.

Because we use technically advanced cleaning equipment, the good news is that, not only will rugs be cleaned to the highest levels, but by removing very high amounts of moisture from rugs as they're cleaned, this encourages rapid drying to occur, so your rugs will be ready for you to use and enjoy again all in the same day!

Leave it to us.

When it comes to getting your rugs cleaned, everything is easy at our rug cleaners in Gatwick. We are able to clean your rugs in-situ, or if you prefer we can arrange to collect them and clean them at our site, returning them once we're happy they've been cleaned to our very high standards. What's more, we won't charge you for this transportation service!

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