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Rug cleaning Gomshall

With the arrival of a new pet, there's every chance a favourite rug might be in the firing line for unfortunate toileting accidents. With our vast experience of cleaning rugs impacted by pets, you can rely on our rug cleaning Gomshall experts to get your rugs squeaky clean and free from pet stains again.

As well as removing unwanted traces of your furry friends from your rugs, at Carpet Bright UK we resolve a whole range of different problems that can impact a rug. From removing food and drink spills to muddy footprints, musty odours, damp, mould, dust mites, germs and more, you can trust our rug cleaners in Gomshall, whatever cleaning treatments a rug demands.

Can we clean your rugs?

Our fully trained rug cleaning Gomshall experts are qualified to clean all rugs, so make sure to contact our friendly team, whatever kind of rug you own. We give every rug our undivided attention, so whether you own a rug that's small, large, colourful, plain, comes with fringe lining or has a short pile or fluffy fabrics, we'll know just what to do with it.

Thanks to our extensive skills and industry training, we also have vast knowledge covering different materials and fabrics, so you can be guaranteed your own rugs will be cleaned safely, and in accordance with their individual needs.

All rugs undergo an initial pre-cleaning assessment and testing of their dyes and pH, so we can provide custom-care for each rug, based on our findings.

What equipment do we use?

At our rug cleaning Gomshall business, customers have named us as the region's top rug cleaners, so we do our very best to maintain this title at all times. This means we put a lot of effort into ensuring our cleaning processes and equipment are dependable and highly efficient, for the best outcomes possible.

To get rugs into ship shape order, we've created a tried-and-trusted, 10-step cleaning regime. What is especially notable about our cleaning plan is that even heavily soiled rugs can enjoy a renewed appearance thanks to our robust cleaning methods.

Putting our high-tech steam cleaning machines into motion, we get to work to restore your rugs so that every last trace of dirt is eliminated. Our machines use a highly effective hot water extraction process that is designed to loosen dirt, neutralise stains and odours, while sanitising and deodorising rugs for a fresher, cleaner and brighter end-result.

Additionally, if there are any nasty bugs and germs lurking in rug fibres, our trusty cleaning equipment will flush them out, giving you complete peace of mind that your rugs aren't detrimental to your health or the surrounding environment.

Using powerful tools and technology means rugs enjoy rapid cleaning and drying processes, so you won't have to wait long before you can admire your beautiful, restored rugs again.

Can we clean rugs safely?

When you've got a precious rug that may be valuable in more ways than one, or it has sensitive, delicate or vulnerable fabrics or dyes, naturally, you'll take a keen interest in its safety and care when the time comes for it to be cleaned. Therefore, you'll be relieved to know that we also prioritise these aspects when cleaning rugs, always using safe, caring, gentle cleaning processes that are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Where do we clean rugs?

Choose between on-site or off-site cleaning, and you can expect a punctual, polite and professional service at all times from our hard working, fully insured rug cleaning Gomshall technicians.

We'll happily provide you with a free, no-obligation quote, where our prices are highly affordable and include free rug delivery and collection for off-site cleaning.

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