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Rug cleaning Hambledon

Did you know that getting your rugs cleaned regularly by our rug cleaning Hambledon experts could help to prolong their lifespan? That's because we use high-powered cleaning technology that removes substances from rugs that could potentially damage fibres and the rug's backing over time, resulting in matting, discolouration and threadbare patches.

So, if you value your rugs, and want to get the most from your investment, make sure to give Carpet Bright UK a call.

At our rug cleaners in Hambledon, we not only help to protect and preserve your rugs, but we keep them looking clean and fresh so they're an asset to your surroundings. Importantly, we get rid of any germs, bacteria and allergens like dust mites which could be residing in rug fibres, possibly wreaking havoc on your health.

What we clean.

Our rug cleaning Hambledon technicians are fully trained in all aspects of cleaning rugs, so whatever your own rugs need to perk them up, and whatever fabrics and features make them unique, we'll know just what's required to deliver outstanding results.

We clean small rugs as well as large ones, colourful rugs and those in neutral tones, rugs that are plain, patterned or have fringing, and rugs with a short or a long pile.

We get to know each rug better by inspecting it when we first begin a job, taking the individual facets and features of a rug into consideration before cleaning commences.

Our cleaning is targeted to meet the needs of each rug, rather than cleaning all rugs identically. Plus, because rug materials and dyes vary, we carry out pH and dye testing prior to cleaning for the safety and care of each rug.

How we clean.

Rugs follow a proven 10-step cleaning plan, which we've created to ensure rigorous cleaning is carried out, enabling us to achieve superior outcomes no matter how much life has taken its toll on a rug's appearance or hygienic condition.

We use reliable, industrial strength steam cleaning units that use a sophisticated pressure and heat dual system to extract dirt and particles from rugs. What makes our cleaning machines a cut above the rest is their ability to work deep down to the core of a rug, sniffing out particles and bits of dirt trodden into rugs over time, left untouched by conventional cleaning machines.

Our fully insured rug cleaning Hambledon business boasts an impressive track record for removing stains and blemishes present in rugs, so don't give up on your rugs if something has been spilled on them - give us a call first. We use powerful cleaning agents, that are non-toxic and eco-friendly, which work hard to dissolve marks in rugs, creating a flawless outcome.

As well as upgrading the aesthetics of your rugs, our hard working team will nip any nasty rug odours in the bud, replacing stale, lingering smells with a fresher, more appealing fragrance.

Because of the powerful, robust nature of our cleaning equipment, we are in the fortunate position to clean your rugs to their optimum best, while drying them rapidly for your convenience.

Easy cleaning.

Getting your rugs cleaned is super easy and convenient at our rug cleaners in Hambledon, so all you have to do is make the call, and we'll organise the rest. We clean rugs on your premises or at our specialist site, with the collection and return of your rugs included in the price.

With our competitive prices, can-do, friendly attitude and great quality results, it's no wonder we've been voted as the best rug cleaners in the South East. Call now for a free quote.

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