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Rug cleaning Haverstock

At our rug cleaning Haverstock company, rugs are cleaned in 10 tried-and-trusted steps. So, however unclean they might be at stage one, by the time they reach step 10 they'll be bursting with cleanliness and hygiene.

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You're making a great choice with Carpet Bright UK working to revive your tired and jaded rugs. We boast a plethora of industry experience and have the full knowledge of cleaning all styles of rugs, and tackling all of the issues they have had to endure.

Let's face it - rugs don't have it easy. Being walked on frequently, bacteria, germs and dirt from footwear can easily get trodden down into rug fibres. Then there are substances that might get spilled or dropped onto a rug, such as food stains or drinks spillages. If you have pets at home, a treasured rug in front of the fireplace might become a favourite sleeping spot, with evidence of pet hairs quickly showing in a rug's appearance. Even particles in the atmosphere from smoke, dust, mould, etc can all land in a rug, sinking deep into the fibres until they settle at the bottom of a pile.

All of these factors can contribute to a rug becoming unclean and unhygienic. Its colours and patterns may start to look dull, its texture may appear flat and lifeless, it might smell musty, and a rug could even start to affect your health if it's become home to substances like dust mites, bacteria or germs.

That's why every rug deserves professional cleaning attention from our expert rug cleaning Haverstock technicians. In fact, not only are we trusted rug cleaners in Haverstock, but we've been named as the best rug cleaners in the South East, so your rugs couldn't be in better hands than ours.

Our cleaning processes

As part of our 10-step cleaning plan, rugs receive an initial inspection. This gives us a better idea of what level and type of cleaning each individual rug may require, to suit its fabric type and current condition.

We also undertake dye and pH level testing, so that we understand more about a rug's colour requirements when being cleaned. This ensures that rug dyes won't run, and remain intact. If a rug has specific features or detailing, such as fringing, this will also be taken into account, so cleaning can be carried out with the highest levels of care.

Adapting our cleaning to suit each particular rug means that we can provide targeted, precise care, delivered in a safe, effective and time-efficient manner. Plus, this makes our processes transparent, as it means we only give a rug the cleaning that it needs, and no treatments surplus to requirements.

We get cleaning underway using high-performance steam cleaning machines. What we like about our machines is that they cut through grime and dirt in a rug, using natural, safe methods. Through hot water extraction using pressure, our steam cleaning units get to work to sniff out all particles of dirt, from the surface to deep within the rug pile. Even microscopic particles won't stand a chance of remaining in a rug when our machines get into gear.

All of our rug cleaning processes take good care of rugs, even those made from delicate fabrics. Our cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and non-toxic, as well as pet- and child-safe.

We're proud of our very high-quality cleaning standards, so rugs are also inspected post-cleaning, as a final quality control check.

Convenient for all

Choose our rug cleaning Haverstock services and you can benefit from on-site or off-site cleaning. Our prices are highly affordable, and we even provide free transportation of rugs to and from our site, for off-site cleaning. Call now to find out more about our award-winning rug cleaning services.

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