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Rug cleaning Horley

Rugs are a popular addition to any space, with their ability to bring warmth, style and comfort to a room. With repeated use, however, a clean rug can quickly become a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, dust mites and mould spores, while the dense weave of rug fabrics easily traps dirt, dry soil, mud and other particles. This can make a rug much less appealing, turning it from an asset to a liability. This doesn’t need to be the case, however, as with regular assistance from the rug cleaning Horley experts at Carpet Bright UK, we’ll keep your rugs looking their best at all times, so they make a positive contribution to your space.

Qualified rug cleaners.

It’s our job to make sure every rug is returned to its owners looking immaculate and hygienically clean and fresh. To enable this to happen, all team members are trained to the highest standards, understanding all the ins-and-outs of cleaning rugs, using the latest equipment, technologies and methods. Keeping our skills and knowledge updated at all times means we can strive to stay ahead of the game, so your rugs always stand to benefit.

In addition to our wealth of skills and knowledge, our rug cleaning Horley technicians boast impressive levels of industry experience. Since our rug cleaners in Horley was first established, we’ve cleaned in excess of 9,000 rugs, so we certainly know how to clean a very wide range of different rug styles, designs, colours, sizes and material types, for your peace of mind. Whatever kind of rug you need cleaning, you can put your trust in our highly experienced team.

Convenient cleaning.

When the time comes to get your rugs cleaned, choosing a rug cleaning Horley company that takes charge makes the process more convenient and hassle-free for you – and that’s exactly what happens at our rug cleaners in Horley. We give you the option of getting your rugs cleaned in-situ, at your home or commercial premises, or if you’d prefer, we can clean them at our facilities, arranging to collect them and return them to you, at no extra charge.

Our rug cleaning experts offer flexible services, where we can clean one or several rugs, according to your needs, where no job is too small for us. We’re also respected carpet, upholstery, mattress and curtain cleaners in Horley, so can also provide these services, in addition to freshening up your rugs.

Rug owners especially appreciate the fact that we offer same-day rug cleaning appointments, ensuring our services are fast, efficient and convenient. We are able to achieve cleaning and drying of rugs in a short period of time, thanks to using top-of-the-range steam cleaning equipment, which applies high-tech, power wash and rinsing systems that also promote rapid drying to occur.

Our cleaning method.

Every job begins with an inspection of a rug, where we take note of its fabrics and materials, and identify any areas that may need particular attention, such as a stain or intricate detailing like a fringe lining. We’ll also carry out dye and pH testing, so we can have a complete picture of a rug’s cleaning requirements, and care considerations we need to make to ensure safe, effective and targeted cleaning.

We’ve created a 10-step cleaning plan which we use in conjunction with our industry-approved steam cleaning machines, which enables every rug to receive a rigorous deep clean, from the surface to the core. Our safe, dependable and non-toxic cleaning methods give rugs a fresher, brighter aesthetic, a more appealing aroma and eliminate any health irritants, bugs and germs, for your peace of mind.

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