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Rug cleaning Kempton Park

Whether you own a popular type of rug or a bespoke kind, you can rely on the expert rug cleaning Kempton Park technicians at Carpet Bright UK to give them a new lease of life.

We brighten and freshen up rugs in homes and businesses locally and throughout the surrounding areas, so however unclean your rugs are, let us do the hard work to put them back in your good books again. As well as cleaning rugs on-site, we are able to collect your rugs for cleaning at our premises, if that suits you better. Plus, we'll return them to you once we've worked our magic on your rugs, and won't charge you any extra for this collection and delivery service.

How we clean.

We start off by giving your rugs a thorough inspection. Getting to know what fabrics and materials a rug is made from means we can ensure it's cleaned appropriately. We also test a rug's dyes and pH, for safe cleaning and to make sure rug colours don't run.

All rugs are given the exact treatments they need, with no hidden extra costs. Customers especially value this about our rug cleaners in Kempton Park, as it means we provide honest and affordable services, which achieve the best results possible.

Our fully trained and insured rug cleaning Kempton Park experts come with ample skills and experience, so whatever kind of rug you own, you can put your trust in our vast know-how.

Quality matters.

Carpet Bright UK was set up to provide better rug cleaning services than the competition, and this ethos still remains true to our family-run business today, even as we have continued to rapidly expand over the years.

Providing quality services is part and parcel of what we do at our rug cleaning Kempton Park business, so with this in mind, we have devised a cleaning programme for rugs that ensures they receive the highest levels of quality cleaning care and attention possible. Made up of 10 different stages, our cleaning regime will make sure that your rugs are transformed to their former glory, no matter how soiled they are.

To enable us to achieve the best outcomes for all rugs, we've invested in cutting-edge steam cleaning machines, which are five times more powerful at cleaning compared to other machines available. With their innovative heat and pressure wash functions, our machines deep clean rugs from the surface to the backing, removing 98% of dirt and particles in the process.

Many rug owners come to us complaining of ghastly stains or odours present in their rugs, which can ruin a rug's good looks and turn them into a source of shame. But, with help from our diligent team, we'll effectively sanitise and deodorise rugs using effective cleaning solutions, to create a flawless outcome and a rug that smells clean and fresh.

We also tackle dirt and stains left by pets, as well as lift pet dander, stray hairs and pet urine from rug fibres. Plus, any festering germs, dust mites, bacteria or viruses hanging around your rugs will be eradicated during our robust cleaning processes.

Prioritising safety.

For your peace of mind, all of our cleaning processes and detergents are safe for rugs, with no toxic ingredients to worry about. Whether you have a rug that has sensitive or delicate fabrics, intricate fringing or is used by children or pets, both rugs and those exposed to them will be fully protected with our natural, safe cleaning processes.

We can come to your rescue six days per week, so call our friendly rug cleaning Kempton Park team for a free quote today.

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