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Rug cleaning Loughborough Junction

A rug is much more than just a practical accessory for your home; with so many different varieties and colours to choose from, it can also reflect your personal taste and help to create a particular theme or style for your space. With such a big role to play, rugs deserve to look their best at all times, and this is where regular cleaning from our rug cleaning Loughborough Junction experts can help.

Our services to you

We provide the full range of rug cleaning services at Carpet Bright UK, so whether you have a rug that could do with lightly refreshing or you have one that has suffered from sitting in a high-traffic area, we are on hand to bring about a cleaner, brighter and more hygienic condition for every single rug.

What sets our rug cleaning Loughborough Junction business apart from others is our commitment to providing the very highest cleaning standards of care and attention to detail. So, whether you've used our services before, or you're new to us, you can expect impressive cleaning outcomes, each and every time.

Where do we clean rugs?

Quality cleaning standards are part and parcel of our services, but it's also our mission to make getting your rugs cleaned nice and easy. To enable this to happen, we provide convenient appointments to fit around even the busiest of diaries, while also giving you the option of cleaning rugs at your premises, or at our site. If your rugs are cleaned at our specialist facilities, you don't even need to worry about arranging to get them to us, or picking them up again, as we organise this for you, free of charge.

How we clean rugs

At our rug cleaners in Loughborough Junction, we use a proven cleaning method consisting of 10 steps to restore good looks and hygiene to every rug.

Before we even get our steam cleaning machines into gear, we inspect a rug and test its dyes and pH levels. This is an essential part of our services, as it means we can get to know a rug in closer detail, understanding its unique cleaning requirements and considerations, for the safest and most effective results possible.

We're really proud to use the latest, cutting-edge cleaning machines that use hot water extraction to lift out the layers of dirt residing in every section of a rug. Even particles and bacteria trapped in rug fibres or sitting at the very bottom of a rug will be rooted out by our sturdy machines, ensuring no speck of dirt, dust mite, germ, stain, pet hair or other substances will be left untouched.

Our fully trained rug cleaning experts also make sure rugs are deodorised to smell clean and fresh, so if unappealing pongs have been present in your rugs lately, we'll make sure they're nipped in the bud with our tough, no-nonsense cleaning.

Is our cleaning safe?

Naturally, when you get your rugs cleaned, you'll be concerned about their safety. So, it's reassuring to know that our rug cleaning Loughborough Junction experts always employ eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning that's safe, kind and caring for your rugs - with no nasty chemical residues to worry about!

Can we clean all rugs?

With our wealth of skills, training and experience, our rug cleaning technicians are equipped, qualified and fully insured to clean all styles of rugs, from the popular varieties to the more traditional styles, and everything else in-between.

Are we affordable?

Our high-quality cleaning standards have earned us the reputation as the region's number one rug cleaning business, but customers also rave about our services because our prices reassuringly represent great value for money. So, next time your rugs look a little under the weather, give us a call and we'll give them their mojo back.

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