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Rug cleaning New Charlton

Carpet Bright UK is the region's best named rug cleaners, so if you're seeking high-quality services from a caring, dependable and affordable family-run business, our rug cleaning New Charlton company is the one to choose.

Bringing sparkle to every rug.

At our rug cleaners in New Charlton, we're in business to bring sparkle and hygiene to every single rug we have the pleasure of cleaning. We're fully equipped and qualified to clean all rug styles, so no matter how big or small a rug is, what fabrics, colours or other features it possesses, it will be in safe and capable hands with us.

In particular, if you own a specialist style of rug such as a Persian type, or one with huge sentimental or financial value, you might be cautious about getting a rug cleaned by a company you don't know or trust. Yet, we'll soon put you at ease, with our wide-ranging skills and industry experience, as well as our caring approach to cleaning all rugs in a safe way.

Individual care for rugs.

Moreover, in order to ensure every rug receives the highest levels of cleaning care and treatments, we always provide individualised cleaning to suit each rug. This makes sense, as rugs can vary enormously, so it stands to reason that every rug should be cleaned to accommodate its unique needs.

To understand the cleaning needs of your rugs, each one will be individually inspected prior to cleaning to get a better idea of what each rug is made from. As well as assessing a rug's fabric type, we'll test its dyes and pH levels so we can make sure cleaning can be carried out safely and colours won't bleed. Naturally, if a rug has other details, such as fringing, these will be taken into account when we clean.

Clean in 10 stages.

Once we've designed a cleaning regime specific to your rugs, we'll put into motion our highly dependable cleaning plan, which is made up of 10 stages. Each step of the cleaning process works to restore rugs to a brighter, fresher and more hygienic state, removing all particles of dirt, dust, debris, germs, bacteria and dust mites.

Our trusty rug cleaning New Charlton technicians are able to transform rugs to their former glory using high-performance steam cleaning machines. Using hot water extraction to clean rugs, our cutting-edge machines are so effective at cleaning rugs, and removing excess moisture from the cleaning processes, that rugs are dried and ready for your enjoyment again in rapid timescales.

What's more, the cleaning equipment we have at our disposal works to give rugs a really thorough cleaning, from the surface to deep within the rug pile. Whatever has caused a rug to become unclean, stained, smelly or unhygienic, our high-powered machines will get to the root of the problem, resolving them so rugs are as good as new as possible.

Non-toxic cleaning.

You could be forgiven for assuming that, in order to achieve our superior cleaning results, we must use strong cleaning chemicals. But, this goes against our caring, ethical nature, and the last thing we'd want is to put a rug with delicate fabrics in danger of damage from harsh cleaning solutions. So, for your peace of mind, you'll be pleased to know that our cleaning treatments are all eco-friendly and non-toxic, making them safe for all rugs, no matter what they're made from. Even better, we can still achieve great cleaning results!

Contact our friendly rug cleaning New Charlton experts for a free consultation and quote. We provide on-site or off-site cleaning with free rug delivery and collection, making us a really convenient and affordable choice!

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