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Rug cleaning Richard Park

No matter what type of rug you buy, over time it will lose its like-new appearance, as daily wear and tear sets in. But, with regular cleaning, rugs can stay looking like-new, for as long as possible. For expert rug cleaning Richard Park services that you can trust, Carpet Bright UK is a winning choice.

In fact, when it comes to winning, this is something we do well, as we’ve previously won a prestigious award naming us as the best rug cleaners in the region. So, you really are onto a good thing choosing us to take care of all your rug’s cleaning needs.

How we clean.

We use a proven method for cleaning that produces consistently reliable results, time and again. Comprising 10 specific stages, every rug undergoes a meticulous and thorough cleaning process that puts quality, safe and caring cleaning at the top of our agenda.

All rugs are cleaned using natural solutions, so won’t be exposed to any strong chemicals that could damage delicate rug fabrics. To achieve the best cleaning outcomes, we’ve invested in the latest, industrial-strength steam cleaning machines that work wonders to restore all rugs to their former glory.

Our machines work by using a hot water system that relies on suction to loosen and neutralize dirt in rugs while sanitizing and deodorizing rugs so they receive a top-to-bottom detox


Our rug cleaning Richard Park professionals are qualified, experienced, and highly skilled in all areas related to cleaning rugs, so you can rely on us, whether you have a rug that has suffered from unsightly stains, or unpleasant odors, or flat pile and a dull appearance.

We also give rugs used by pets a new lease of life, so if pet urine, hairs, or dander have affected your rugs, we’ll restore them to a much more hygienic condition.

Importantly, you can rely on us to get rid of substances living in rugs that you can’t necessarily see, but still could be a cause for concern. For instance, dust mites like to call carpets and rugs, in particular, their home, and you might only be aware of their presence if you find infested rugs make you sneeze, wheeze or feel itchy. Other micro-organisms, such as bacteria, germs, viruses, and mold spores can also reside in rugs, affecting your health and harming rugs. So, getting rugs regularly cleaned by our rug cleaners in Richard Park is crucial to safeguard your wellbeing.

What we clean.

Our rug cleaning Richard Park experts are fully certified and insured to clean all rugs across the board, from modern styles to traditional designs as well as oriental, antique, or heirloom varieties. With more than 9,000 rugs having already been restored to a cleaner, brighter and fresher condition by our hard-working, dedicated team, you can relax safe in the knowledge that your own rugs will be cleaned by expert hands.

All rugs are cleaned individually, taking into account their specific cleaning requirements, condition, and unique features. That’s why inspecting a rug and testing its dyes and pH levels are key aspects of our cleaning processes.

Where we clean.

As a flexible company that prides itself on offering convenient rug cleaning Richard Park services, you’ll be pleased to discover that we are able to clean your rugs at your home or business, or at our premises. If you choose off-site cleaning, we’ll even arrange to collect your rugs and drop them off again afterward, carefully packaging them so they’re looked after during transit. Even better, we won’t charge you for this service!

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