Tips for choosing the best carpet cleaning company in London

When your carpets need professional cleaning, it’s natural that you’ll want to find a company that you can trust to do a brilliant job. But, with lots of different businesses to choose from, how do you know you’re picking the right one to meet your needs? Here are some essential tips for selecting the best carpet cleaning company possible.


Look at reviews

Reviews and testimonials provide useful insight into a customer’s perspective of a company’s products or services, so you should always take a good look at a selection of reviews posted online before choosing a carpet cleaning company. As well as studying reviews on a firm’s website, have a look to see if they are mentioned on other external sites.


Easy to contact

If your carpet gets accidentally stained, you won’t want to wait around for too long sorting it out. Therefore, having the assistance of a carpet cleaning company that is easy to get hold of when you need their services the most will be key. Look for a firm that operates long hours of business, and has multiple methods of getting in touch, such as email, phone or through social media. Companies that also have a live chat facility are an added bonus, as you will be able to contact them with questions or queries and get an instant reply from an expert.


Helpful and friendly

When you contact a carpet cleaning company, choose a firm where staff come across as helpful and friendly. This means that if you have any questions or concerns they will be eager to address them for you, providing excellent customer service, from start to finish.


Offers a free quote

A reputable carpet cleaning company should be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote, either by phone or filling in details online. If a company puts you under pressure and uses pushy sales tactics to get you to book an appointment, move on to someone else.


Are they affordable?

When deciding which carpet cleaning company to use, price is going to be one of the key considerations for most customers. Affordability is important, but weigh this up against all of the other services they provide. A business that offers super low rates may not use the most cutting-edge cleaning technologies, or have fully certified staff. The trick is to find one that meets all the important criterias, and offers great prices, too.


New customer promotions

Some carpet cleaning companies welcome new clients to their business with an introductory discount or promotion, which can help to save those all-important pennies. While you shouldn’t base your decision on promotions alone, an attractive offer may help to seal the deal once you’ve taken all other factors into account.


Members of trade groups

A professional carpet cleaning company will be keen to show off its credentials and industry authority, so look to see if the business is a member of any relevant professional bodies or associations, such as Checkatrade. This is a good indication that you’ll be dealing with a firm that cares about its reputation and the quality of the services it provides.



There’s nothing like winning an industry award to demonstrate a company’s quality and skills, so if a carpet cleaning business has earned any trade accolades, then you know your carpets will be in the best hands.


Uses quality cleaning methods and products

A reputable carpet cleaning business will keep up to date with the latest cleaning technologies, only using the best methods and products to ensure spotless outcomes. Find out what kind of cleaning methods will be used on your carpet, and what level of results you can expect.


Kind and caring

As well as choosing a carpet cleaning company that is willing to invest in the latest cleaning technologies, it’s wise to consider selecting one that takes a kind and caring approach to cleaning. This would include using cleaning methods and solutions that are environmentally friendly, where possible, and aren’t laden with toxic chemicals. By being picky about the quality and consistency of the products used, this also means you’re less likely to suffer from post-cleaning residues left behind in a carpet, which could make fibres sticky and encourage your flooring to become dirty again quickly.


Matches cleaning to suit your carpet

Some carpet cleaning companies clean every carpet in exactly the same way, but since all carpets are different, this approach doesn’t make sense. Even two identical carpets made from the same materials and in the same colour can still vary in how clean or unclean they might be. Therefore, when choosing a carpet cleaning company, always find out how they go about cleaning carpets. Look for one that provides services that are tailored to match the specific needs of each of your individual carpets, rather than cleaning them in precisely the same way.

Ask what kind of treatments a company provides. As well as general deep cleaning, look for one that can offer stain removal, dust mite removal and deodorising services so that your carpets can be given a range of solutions that match their needs.


Skilled in other areas

It’s useful picking a carpet cleaning company that is not only knowledgeable in cleaning carpets, but may provide a range of other services such as cleaning rugs, curtains, upholstery or mattresses. This means that you can capitalise on their knowledge and expertise if you need more than one area cleaning at home or at work.


Are they insured?

Check whether a carpet cleaning firm has the necessary insurance in place, so that if, in the unlikely event anything does go wrong, they are covered.



It’s worth finding out how long a carpet cleaning company has been in business and how many customers it has served during that time. Experience counts, so the more a company has amassed, the increased likelihood you’ll be dealing with a firm that knows its trade inside and out.

In addition to checking how much experience a company has, opt for carpet cleaners whose staff are fully trained and certified. It’s important that whoever cleans your carpet has undertaken the necessary training in all areas, so you can trust that they’ll clean it with precision, care and expertise. By checking this out, you’ll help to keep the cowboy traders at bay. Technicians that turn up wearing a uniform also exude an air of professionalism, so see if there are any photos on the firm’s website showing staff doing their job.


Assistance, if required

Some carpet cleaning companies expect clients to have cleared the space in readiness for their arrival, but this may be difficult or inconvenient for some people. If you need a helping hand to move heavy or large items of furniture off your carpets before they’re cleaned, look for a company that can assist with this. This will take the weight off your shoulders.

When considering Carpet Bright UK to smarten up your carpets, it’s good to know we tick all the right boxes for a professional, high-quality clean.