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Upholstery Cleaning in Uckfield

More than 98% of customers who use our upholstery cleaning Uckfield services at Carpet Bright UK recommend us to friends and family. There are lots of reasons why we’re so popular, and here are just some of them.

We clean upholstery affordably

When you’ve got lots of expenses, finding an upholstery cleaning company that doesn’t charge exorbitant prices will be important. Yet, cheap prices don’t always equate to quality cleaning results, so it’s always essential to do your homework when looking for reputable upholstery cleaners in Uckfield.

Luckily, we provide the best of both worlds. We offer upholstery cleaning that’s very affordable, while still providing really high-quality cleaning results.

We clean upholstery safely

Achieving excellent cleaning results doesn’t mean to say we resort to using any strong chemicals which puts your upholstery fabrics at risk of discoloration or other types of damage. In fact, we can provide great results, without needing to clean with any nasty, toxic chemicals, instead keeping our cleaning as natural, organic and eco-friendly as possible.

We rely on using advanced cleaning technology to do the hard work for us, as well as ensuring all of the technicians we employ are skilled in their craft.

We personalise our cleaning

Every piece of upholstery we clean, whether it be a large, three-piece-suite or a cosy cuddle chair for two is unique. Not just in what it’s constructed from and the type of fabrics it has, but its cleaning requirements. To satisfy the demands of each soft furnishing item, we personalise our cleaning accordingly, giving it a tailor-made cleaning process so it receives the correct cleaning methods and treatments it requires.

We fully inspect your upholstery

To provide your upholstery with personalised cleaning, we give it a full, pre-cleaning inspection, so we are fully aware of its fabric type, condition and other cleaning needs.

We’ll also inspect your upholstery again, after we’ve cleaned it, casting a beady eye over all areas to make sure no bit of dirt or speck of dust remains. As an upholstery cleaning Uckfield company that’s built on offering superior standards, this is a key part of our multi-stage cleaning process, and ensures we can provide our customers with a complete satisfaction guarantee.

We offer all treatments

As a professional cleaning company that has been working in the industry for several decades, we can be relied upon to clean all types of upholstery, providing the full range of cleaning treatments and various methods.

Many items of upholstery we clean receive a thorough deep clean, using industry-approved, high-performance cleaning technology. During our cleaning process, we remove visible dirt from your upholstery, including a wide range of spills and stains, as well as water marks.

Our cleaning also involves sanitising and deodorising your upholstery, to restore your upholstery to a hygienic and fresh condition. Our micro-bacterial treatment methods also eliminate any potentially harmful allergens, irritants and pathogens hiding in your upholstery, such as bugs, mites, germs, viruses and bacteria.

We know that lots of upholstery furnishings such as sofas and armchairs are adored by family pets, and this can often show, with pet hairs accumulating and other unwanted pet debris including dander and traces of urine. With regular cleaning from our fully insured experts, we’ll eliminate all types of pet soiling from your soft furnishings.

We clean upholstery rapidly

You won't have to wait ages for your upholstery to be cleaned and dried, and that’s because our upholstery cleaning Uckfield professionals use powerful technology that involves rapid cleaning and rinsing functions, for a fast turnaround of each job.

Find out more or request a free, no-obligation quote from our friendly staff.

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Amazing results at very affordable prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I clean my upholstery?

Most furniture manufacturers recommend to professionally clean your upholstery every 6-12 months.

Q: The label on my upholstery recommends dry cleaning, can you still clean it?

Yes, we can clean your furniture even if the label states “dry clean only”. Our technicians always test the fabric to determine the safest and most effective cleaning method.

Q: How long will it take for my upholstery to dry?

Typically it only takes around 4-6 hours for the upholstery to completely dry. Our drying time is not guaranteed as it can be affected by humidity, temperature and airflow to the upholstery.

Q: How does Carpet Bright UK clean upholstery?

We use industrial steam cleaning machines to clean up to 110 degrees. Our unique cleaning process is proven to be the deepest and most thorough way of cleaning upholstery. Most reputable upholstery manufacturers recommend our process.

Q: What type of upholstery do you clean?

We can clean all soft furnishings including sofas, footstools, bed frames, dining room chairs and much more. If you’re unsure whether we can clean your upholstery, please feel free to call our customer care team for further information.

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