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Carpet cleaning East Malling

When it's time to get your carpets deep cleaned to remove dirt and grime or spot cleaning to remove troublesome stains, it's reassuring to know that our carpet cleaning East Malling technicians are the recommended professionals to call.

As well as being fully certified to clean all types and styles of carpets, at Carpet Bright UK, our master cleaning technicians possess a wide range of skills that makes them highly proficient at cleaning all the many things that can impact a carpet.

No more carpet stains

Whether your own carpets have been visually impaired by stains or spillages, or just general daily wear and tear, you can rely on us to brighten them up and restore them hygienically to a flawless finish. Thanks to the fact that we use highly dependable stain removal treatments, even stubborn carpet marks won't stand a chance of staying put once we get to work on them.

Our stain removers work deep into the stain, breaking it down naturally without harming or discolouring the fabrics of a carpet. While some stain removers leave behind sticky residues, which encourage carpets to attract even more dirt to stick to them, our stain removers are residue-free.

We can also provide stain protectors to carpets, to help repel stains from forming, lasting for up to 24 months.

Looking after your health

Our carpet cleaning East Malling team of experts are also in business to make sure carpets are hygienic from top to bottom, so if germs, bacteria, viruses, fleas and dust mites have become established in your carpets, it's reassuring to know that we know exactly how to remove them. In particular, these allergens and irritants can have a profound effect on your health, and have been known to be responsible for contributing to ‘sick building syndrome’. So if you value your health and those that use or visit your premises, getting your carpets regularly cleaned by our professionals is the best decision you could make.

Clean, fresh-smelling carpets

At our fully insured and certified carpet cleaners in East Malling, we believe that carpets should look as good as they smell, so if any stale or musty odours have been lingering around your flooring, our trusty deodorising treatments will sort them swiftly out.

Whether carpet smells come from pet urine or stains that haven’t been properly removed, we won’t just cover over bad odours with a strong, short-lasting fragrance, but our powerful cleaning processes will get rid of the thing that’s been causing the smells in the first place.

Market-leading equipment

We clean with the aid of market-leading machines and a trusted, five-step cleaning method, ensuring carpets are restored to their maximum potential, in the shortest amount of time possible. This is reassuring to hear for those carpet owners who don't want the cleaning process to be a time-consuming one.

Tailored cleaning services

You can also rely on our carpet cleaning East Malling technicians to keep the time spent cleaning to a minimum as we only give your carpets the treatments that they need, based on our findings following an initial inspection of them. By adopting a targeted approach to cleaning carpets, this also ensures they can be pampered in the most caring way possible, according to the fabrics and materials they are made from.

Our carpet cleaning in East Malling caters for local homes and businesses, as well as landlords and tenants who need reliable end-of-tenancy cleaning. We also clean rugs, upholstery, mattresses and curtains.

We use naturally safe cleaning products and carpet-friendly solutions that are also human- and pet-safe. Why not call our five star rated experts for a free quote?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

It depends. Factors such as humidity, carpet airflow and room temperature can impact drying times. However, in most cases, carpets are fully dry in only 2-3 hours, thanks to us using modern, industrial strength cleaning machines.

Q. Do you move furniture?

Our carpet cleaners in East Malling will happily move any furniture, without charge. This will give us full access to your carpets, so we can clean under furniture. To protect your carpets post-cleaning, we can add special pads under furniture feet. If you have any items in, or on top of, furniture, such as books or plants, we advise you move these before we arrive.

Q. Are you a local business?

We are, indeed. Based in East Malling, our family-run carpet cleaners provides professional, personalised carpet and upholstery cleaning for local homes and businesses.

Q. How long will it take to clean my carpets?

We use powerful cleaning equipment, so we can clean a single carpet in just 20 minutes. This isn’t guaranteed, however, as the level and type of soilage, room size and amount of furniture we need to move all affect timescales.

Q. What cleaning method do you use?

We use a natural, non-toxic, carpet-safe cleaning process that involves five stages. Our carpet cleaning East Malling business only uses the latest, most reliable HEPA vacuum cleaning machines and steam cleaning machines, for the freshest, longest-lasting results. Before deep cleaning a carpet, we inspect it, remove dry soil and treat a carpet to remove stains. Our powerful cleaning machines can get rid of tough, ingrained dirt, odours, allergens and even stubborn carpet marks.

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