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Carpet cleaning Lordswood

If you have been putting off getting your carpets deep cleaned, you’ll wish you’d done it sooner when you see just how easy and effective our carpet cleaning Lordswood services are.

At Carpet Bright UK, we take the hassle out of getting your carpets professionally cleaned, dispelling any notion that the process might be inconvenient and stressful for carpet owners.

Indeed, you’ll be amazed at how fast we work to get your carpets looking immaculate, reducing any impact incurred to the use of your space.

Booking times to suit you

Our carpet cleaning Lordswood technicians appreciate that many carpets are located in high-traffic areas, so finding a time to clean them when they aren’t being used might prove tricky. Fortunately, with our unrivalled convenience when it comes to making an appointment, you should be able to find a time for us to come and clean that suits you the best.

We can even visit out-of-hours if necessary, and at weekends, and if you require a last-minute appointment, we have same-day slots available.

Clean and dry in a few hours only

Another benefit of using our five star rated carpet cleaning Lordswood business is that we use industrial strength machines that boast advanced cleaning systems. This means we can clean carpets really efficiently, removing stubborn grime and deep-seated dirt, in as little as 20 minutes. Plus, our water-efficient steam cleaning systems make drying carpets simple, so in just 2-3 hours your clean and dry carpets will be back to looking their very best and usable again.

Stress-free cleaning

You can leave the hard work to our carpet cleaners in Lordswood, and that’s because we include moving any items off your carpets as part of our comprehensive cleaning package. Once we’ve finished getting your carpets spick and span, we’ll put all of your furniture back again, even placing protector pads underneath furniture feet to protect your carpets.

All carpets cleaned

Our carpet cleaning in Lordswood caters for all carpets, whether they’re located in a domestic or a commercial property. Whether you need a small, single carpet pampering or many, large carpets bringing back to life, you can trust us to meet your demands.

Our technicians are, naturally, completely certified and insured, so possess the vital know-how to clean any type of carpet, whatever has downgraded its appearance. We are also trained rug, curtain, mattress and upholstery cleaning specialists.

Whether your carpets have taken on a weary persona from heavy use, or whether they have lost their pristine aesthetics through the accumulation of stains and spillage marks, we’ve got just the right cleaning solutions to suit the requirements of every carpet.

Our carpet cleaning technicians will also make sure that carpets don’t let themselves down with unpleasant aromas, where we deodorise them so they smell clean and fresh, during our robust and meticulous five-step cleaning regime.

Allergen-free carpets

We know how important it is that your carpets are returned looking their best, but it’s also our job to make sure that your carpets are as clean as possible, so they make a positive addition to your home or business, without causing adverse effects to your health. That’s why when we deep clean your carpets, we use reliable cleaning processes and equipment that’s five times more powerful than others to eradicate allergens such as dust mites, as well as other unhealthy irritants including germs, viruses and bacteria that can live unseen in the average carpet.

We clean carpets safely, with natural products and non-toxic detergents, for your peace of mind.

Get in touch to obtain a budget-friendly quote for your carpets, from our award-winning, highly recommended local carpet cleaners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

We provide really fast carpet drying, of around 2-3 hours. This can vary a bit, depending on things like how hot or cold a room is, and how much airflow a carpet receives. We always use the latest cleaning equipment, however, for the fastest and most effective results.

Q. Do you move furniture?

Moving furniture is included free of charge in our carpet cleaning service. However, it would be helpful if you could clear any items from inside or off furniture before we arrive. After your carpets have been deep cleaned, we’ll put your furniture back how it was. To protect carpets, we can even add special pads to the bottom of furniture to prevent indentations.

Q. Are you a local business?

Sure. Since 1995, our family-run business has been offering professional carpet cleaning services to all Lordswood residents and businesses. Our cleaning technicians are also local.

Q. How long will it take to clean my carpets?

At our carpet cleaners in Lordswood, we own high-tech equipment that enables us to clean a single carpet in just 20 minutes. This is on average, as how unclean a carpet is, whether we need to move a lot of furniture and the size of a room all determine time length.

Q. What cleaning method do you use?

We’ve developed a five-step cleaning method that is dependable for all carpets and upholstery. We always start with a pre-cleaning inspection, so our cleaning can be adapted to suit a particular fabric type, if necessary. We prepare a carpet by vacuuming away all ingrained dry soil and applying a stain remover. Once this has been allowed to work, we’ll remove all remaining dirt, residues, allergens, odours and other soiling using a high-performance steam cleaning machine, before carpets are then rapidly dried.

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