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Gutter Cleaning Woldingham

With our increasingly wet and windy weather, your gutters are the first in line to take a hit. All of those fallen leaves, twigs and other bits of vegetation can blow into gutters, forming a soggy mess over time. As this compacts, your gutters can become choked. Weeds might start to sprout and pests might also start to move in, attracted to the warm, damp and moist environment of your gutter systems.

Blocked gutters are a real nuisance, however. They result in water overflowing onto the ground or pooling on the roof. Your gutters may even break, crack or sag from the heavy accumulation of debris, culminating in repairs that can end up costing a lot of money.

At our fully insured, family-owned gutter cleaning Woldingham company, we take care of all the cleaning needs of your gutters, so blockages are removed and damage is less likely to occur.

Who can benefit from our sought-after gutter cleaning services?

We visit homes and businesses in Woldingham, cleaning gutters for all local residents. We can clean different types of gutter systems, and because we can clean gutters on buildings up to four storeys high, most properties in the CR3 postcode area can benefit from our popular gutter cleaning services.

Which parts of the gutter do we clean?

Wherever the gutters are placed on your property, we’ll clean them. Whether they’re high up off the ground, at head height, along a garage, outbuilding or a conservatory, we clean all gutters and downpipes to exceptionally high standards.

Our powerful gutter cleaning systems are even suitable for cleaning the roof of your conservatory.

Cleaning without ladders

Traditionally, gutters were almost exclusively cleaned by hand, with a technician using a ladder. Some cleaning companies still use this method today. On some tall or larger buildings, cherry pickers or scaffolding might be needed when cleaning your gutters.

The beauty of choosing our gutter cleaning Woldingham services is that we don’t need to use any of these bulky and potentially hazardous and inconvenient items of equipment when clearing out your gutters.

Our operatives work using a ground-based cleaning system, which is far more effective, convenient and safer compared to the other options. We use an industrial grade, 3,000-watt wet vacuum machine that has a 12-metre long, telescopic pole attached to it. We guide this pole into your gutters, where the high-pressure function of the machine sucks out all of the debris inside your gutter systems. The dirt is contained inside the machine, so it won’t leave behind any mess on your gutters, windows or around your property. We work to the highest levels of tidiness, and take away all rubbish collected off-site when we leave your Woldingham property.

Take a look at our impressive results

The obvious disadvantage of working from the ground, is that we can’t actually see inside your gutters. So how do we know if we’ve cleaned them properly? That’s easy. We fix a small camera to the top of the lightweight, carbon fibre pole, so when it goes inside your gutters, it can take photos of them. We capture images before we start cleaning, so we can assess the extent of the dirt build-up, and we then take photos after we’ve finished, so we can make sure all areas of your gutters are fully cleared.

Customers are provided with all the images we take of your gutters, without charge, so you can see our great results for yourself.

Furthermore, our gutter cleaning Woldingham business includes a one-month guarantee with each job, so if your gutters become blocked again during this period, call us for a free, no quibble, repeat clean.

For a free quote, contact our friendly gutter cleaners in Woldingham for all the details you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do your technicians clean my gutters?

We use an industrial vacuum with super light carbon poles which can clear gutters up to four stories high. With our method, there is no need for scaffolding, ladders or cherry pickers.

Q: Do you clean the downpipes too?

Yes, our industrial powered machines will clear the downpipes too as long as they are above ground level.

Q: How often do I clean my gutters?

From our experience, most customers clean their gutters every 6 months. The most ideal time would be just after Autumn and/or at the beginning of spring.

Q: Do you offer any guarantee's?

Yes, we guarantee every gutter cleaning job we complete. We offer a one month no blockage guarantee. If you gutters block up within one month of your service, we will return free of charge.

Q: Are you a local business?

Yes we're a family-run gutter cleaning company with local technician’s based in Woldingham

Q: Does the technician need anything from me?

Yes, we will need access to your electricity.

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