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Rug cleaning Cranleigh

Carpet Bright UK is a fully insured, industry certified rug cleaning Cranleigh business with an award-winning reputation. So if you'd like the region's number one rug cleaners to take care of your rugs when they need tidying up, make sure to get in touch with us today.

Our cleaning commitment.

At our rug cleaners in Cranleigh, we're committed to maintaining our reputation as the very best in the South East, and with more and more customers using our services on a daily basis, and delighted with the outcomes we deliver, we certainly achieve this goal.

We believe that every rug deserves to look like it did on the day you first bought it, so by providing the highest cleaning services using modern, market-leading equipment, we do our best to meet this aim. Our rug cleaning Cranleigh technicians are also all trained to the very highest levels, possessing a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, which is put to good use whenever we take charge of cleaning your own rugs.

Our cleaning method.

To ensure rugs receive exactly the treatments they need for impressive results, we have carefully devised a foolproof cleaning programme that consistently works hard to meet our high standards. With 10 stages that rugs follow when being cleaned, you can relax knowing that your rugs undergo extensive cleaning throughout, for a complete detox.

That's not to say all rugs are cleaned exactly the same way, however. In fact, it wouldn't make sense to take this approach since one rug can differ so much from the next one. That's why we provide each rug with targeted cleaning adapted to meet its own needs, following a pre-cleaning rug inspection process. A rug's dyes and pH levels are also tested during this phase, so we can make sure rugs stand up well to our cleaning processes, with no colors running.

Rugs are cleaned using industrial-strength steam cleaning machines, which work by loosening dirt from rug fibres using an impressive dual function hot water and heat system. Steam cleaning also neutralizes stains and odours, gently lifting debris and dirt from rugs with efficiency, protecting rug fibers at all times. By providing rugs with an effective deodorisation process, we also treat lingering or persistent odors in rugs, getting to the source of the odour and eliminating it.

What's more, because our steam cleaning units are so powerful, they even work to banish microscopic organisms hiding inside rug fibers, potentially causing harm to your rugs and even becoming a nuisance to your health. These can include allergy-triggering dust mites, bacteria, germs, and viruses. Not only do these impact your rugs and your health, but they can be released back into the atmosphere when rugs are walked on, polluting the air.

Safety matters.

Providing superior cleaning is a key element of our rug cleaning Cranleigh services, so it's good to know that we never use any cleaning chemicals that might harm rugs or affect those that have contact with your rugs post-cleaning. By opting for eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning processes, that are also pet- and child-safe, we provide you with the reassurance you need that you and your precious rugs are safeguarded.

Whatever style of rug needs our expert attention, whether it has delicate materials, sensitive dyes, fringing or other features, it will always be looked after with dedication and care from our professional team.

Getting your rugs freshened up is easy when you choose our rug cleaning Cranleigh company. We provide on-site and off-site cleaning options, including free rug transportation services. Call our helpful team for a free consultation and an affordable price quote.

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