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Rug cleaning Crayford

Getting your rug cleaned every now and then is important. Even if it looks fairly clean, you can't be too sure what lies lurking deep down in its fibres. Trapped dust, smoke and other pollutants could also be a potential source of allergens, affecting the health of those around you. To prevent these issues, our rug cleaning Crayford organisation is the one to turn to for cleaner, fresher and healthier rugs.

The problem with rugs is that they're under constant attack. Being walked on makes them susceptible to getting dirty quickly, but the fibres in a rug can also easily trap dirt or dust in the atmosphere. Unlike many other fabric items, you can't simply plonk your rug in the washing machine in the hope it will come out looking clean. In fact, this is the quickest way to ruin it.

At Carpet Bright UK, we understand rugs, inside and out. We know just what's required to clean your rug and revive it to its original state. Cleaning rugs is a complex process, made more difficult by the fact that different types of rugs demand specific ways of cleaning to ensure they don't get damaged.

Our professional rug cleaners in Crayford have vast amounts of experience cleaning all sorts of rugs, so they know just what is needed to make your rug the focal point of a room again. Whether your rug is a standard, high street variety designed for general purpose use, or your rug is an ornamental feature that is the talking point of a room, we care for every type of rug in equal measures. Our meticulous pre-inspection phase means we won't start cleaning your rug until we understand its unique properties.

Our rug cleaning Crayford experts make use of a top-notch, five-step cleaning process that involves the latest procedures that bring colour and vitality back to any type of rug. Even if your rug is adorned with delicate features, such as fringe detailing, we pay attention to these during every stage of cleaning.

We'll give your rug a meticulous once over before it is packaged and returned to you, and if you prefer, we can even collect and deliver your rug, free of charge. Our many satisfied customers also appreciate the fact that we offer rug cleaning at their own premises, if desired.

To transform your rug into like new today, contact our expert, friendly team.

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