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Rug cleaning Horsham

If you’re looking to get your rugs brightened up, but not sure who to choose, you’ve come to the right place at Carpet Bright UK. We provide outstanding rug cleaning Horsham services for domestic and commercial customers, at prices that are reassuringly affordable.

Our family-owned rug cleaners in Horsham was initially set up to provide cleaning services that go above and beyond the competition. Even as our business has grown, and gained a loyal, customer following, we still maintain our core values of offering the best rug cleaning services in the area.

We also clean each rug based on its own needs, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach. After all, no two rugs are exactly the same or may have the same cleaning requirements, so it doesn’t make sense to use exactly the same methods or treatments for every rug.

To ascertain the cleaning needs of your own rugs, we’ll carry out an initial inspection of them, getting to know things like what they’re made from, and the condition they’re currently in. We’ll also test their dyes and pH levels, so we can make sure rugs are cleaned as safely as possible, in accordance with their needs, and so rug colours won’t bleed.

How we clean your rugs.

To bring out the very best in each rug, however much daily life has affected it, we use a tried-and-trusted cleaning method that consists of 10 stages. Each step of a rug’s cleaning journey enables us to root out all the particles of dirt and debris hiding deep inside rug fabrics, so rugs can enjoy a renewed appearance that makes them look fresher, brighter and more appealing on the eye.

With our industry-accredited cleaning machines, we’re able to give each rug the vital detox it needs. Using powerful heat and pressure systems, which apply five times more pressure than standard machines, our steam cleaning units have the ability to extract 98% of particles and debris from every section of a rug.

What’s more, if you have rugs that are stained, then they’re in the right place at Carpet Bright UK. That’s because our technicians have a wealth of experience removing stains from rugs, whatever caused the unsightly marks in the first place. Additionally, you can count on our rug cleaning Horsham professionals to deodorise your rugs so that any stale odours are shifted, replacing these with an aroma that’s altogether more appealing.

One of the most important reasons for getting your rugs cleaned on a regular basis is to make sure they aren’t harbouring any allergens like dust mites which could be detrimental to your health. You won’t always know these are present in rugs, as well as things like germs, bacteria or mould spores, but if you experience allergy-type symptoms, like sneezing, watery eyes or a runny nose, around areas where rugs are present, it could be harmful rug allergens and irritants that are to blame. Rest assured, with our rug cleaning experts on the case, we’ll return your rugs to you reassuringly free from any nasty bugs, bacteria or germs.

Focus on safety.

Our rug cleaning Horsham services are safe and non-toxic, so we’ll never expose your rugs to any harmful substances that could have a negative impact on delicate rug fibres, the environment or anyone exposed to your rugs after we’ve cleaned them.

You can choose to get your rugs cleaned at your premises, or we can arrange to collect them for cleaning at our site, dropping them off again afterwards, providing this transportation service without charge. We are qualified and equipped to clean all rug styles, designs, colours and sizes, so don’t hesitate to make a booking today.

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