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Rug cleaning Addington

At our rug cleaning Addington business, our talented team of technicians is fully trained and skilled to clean all rug types. So whatever your rugs look like, and however much professional attention they need, you can depend on Carpet Bright UK to fulfill a rug's every cleaning demand.

Why get your rugs cleaned?

Most rugs get used a lot, and even those that don't get walked over frequently can still pick up bits of dirt and particles from the atmosphere which can settle into rug fabrics. Over time, dirt and particles can get trodden down into rug fibers, making them more difficult to be removed by vacuuming alone. This can result in a rug looking untidy, dull, and faded, and if you add stains and stale odors to the mix, a rug can really become downtrodden very quickly.

Worse still, microscopic particles of dirt, as well as germs, viruses, and dust mites can all infiltrate a rug, affecting its good condition and potentially becoming a health nuisance for those in contact with an infested rug. If these particles are released into the atmosphere when a rug is walked over, this could even lower the air quality of your space.

Getting your rugs professionally cleaned on a regular basis ensures they look their best at all times, won't become a health hazard to all that use them, or have a negative impact on the surrounding air quality.

By trusting our rug cleaning Addington technicians to take care of your rugs, you can expect the highest quality results possible, so your rugs look their very best, no matter how world-weary they have become.

What we clean.

Our rug cleaners in Addington have cleaned over 60,000 rugs to date, so our family-run business is more than equipped to clean your own rugs, putting our vast experience into good use.

We clean rugs of all shapes and sizes, with no job too small or insignificant for our dedicated team. Whether you have a rug that has a short pile or fluffy fabrics, is plain in color, striped, multicolored or patterned, we'll take care of the lot.

Safe and caring.

We're proud to clean rugs to outstanding levels, but we never compromise the safety and care of a rug to achieve these aims. In fact, all 10 stages of our rug cleaning processes take good care of rugs, using safe, effective, and caring solutions and procedures that protect and preserve rugs along the way.

Our rug cleaning Addington team makes use of high-powered steam cleaning machines, which remove dirt and grime from all parts of a rug using pressure and heat processes. Working from the top to the bottom of a rug, all four corners of a rug will receive a rigorous clean, with the layers of accumulated particles extracted to leave behind a fresher, brighter, and more invigorated rug appearance.

Whatever cleaning treatments an individual rug needs, whether it requires a stubborn stain eliminating or deodorizing to smell fresher and more appealing, we only clean with solutions that are non-toxic and eco-friendly. This means you can have complete peace of mind that your rugs will be safe to use when we return them to you.

Tailored cleaning.

Whether you have an exotic style of rug with fringing, a modern type of rug with bright colors or a plush rug with fluffy fabrics, all rugs are given cleaning care and treatments adapted to suit their needs. We inspect a rug prior to cleaning it and test its dyes and pH levels, so colors remain stable when rugs are cleaned.

Our award-winning rug cleaning Addington services are affordable and convenient, with free rug collection and delivery for off-site cleaning, as well as the option to get your rugs cleaned in-situ. We're open six days per week, so call now to find out more.

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